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Colleen Marzilli, PhD, DNP, MBA, RN-BC, CCM

Colleen Marzilli, PhD, DNP, MBA, RN-BC, CCM

Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Nursing
Building: BRB 1115
Email: cmarzilli@uttyler.edu
Phone: 903.566.7033


  • PhD
  • DNP
  • MBA
  • MSN
  • BSN


Courses Taught

NURS3333, NURS3611, NURS3603, NURS4212, NURS5331, NURS5337, NURS5321, NURS5356

Research Interests

Culture, Cultural Competence, Cultural Influences on Health Care, Cultural Influences on Health Disparities

Recent Publications

Marzilli, C., Delello, J., Marmion, S., McWhorter, R., Roberts, P., & Marzilli, T. S. (2014). Faculty attitudes towards integrating technology and innovation. International Journal on Integrating Technology and Innovation, 3(1), 1-20.

Delello, J., McWhorter, R., Marmion, S., Camp, K., Everling, K., Neel, J., & Marzilli, C. The life of a professor: Stress and coping. Polymath: An Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences Journal, 4(1), 39-58.

Marzilli, C. (2014). Concept analysis of culture applied to nursing. Journal of Creative Nursing , 20(3).

Marzilli, C. (2014). Cuba’s maternal-child health. Polymath: An Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences Journal.  Accepted.

Teaching Philosophy

Teaching is like being a travel guide.  As a travel guide/teacher, I am responsible for safely guiding the students throughout their journey.  I need to be aware of any considerations for their journey and promptly address any concerns.

As a travel guide, I am responsible for instructing students regarding what sights they can expect to see, otherwise known as student learning outcomes.  I do this through providing clear expectations in the syllabus and ongoing, timely communication to the students.  Students know exactly what they will see, or do in the class.

I am responsible for instructing them in the best method to prepare for their journey.  Should they pack light, or should they bring two checked bags?  This is the same as telling students what they need to be successful in the course.  It provides them with information about the prerequisites and time commitment required for the course, and it is communicated in all aspects of the course.

I am responsible for sticking with the travel itinerary.  To an adult learner, the schedule is extremely important so they know how to budget and schedule their time, and as an instructor, I believe in providing a calendar that will provide this information to them in an efficient manner. With the calendar, students have a tool to be successful.

I am responsible for making sure their personal travel goals are met.  What do they want to see?  Is there anything specific they want to learn related to the course?  As an instructor, I can make sure that their goals are met by facilitating course in a manner that encourages their own personal interests as it relates to the course learning outcomes.

I am responsible for making sure that any accommodations are met accordingly.  Sometimes travel plans must change because of the individual needs of the tour participants.  As an instructor, I can make these accommodations for the student.

I have taught in many online and face-to-faces courses before, and I feel that my personal teaching philosophy is appropriate for both the online and face-to-face course setting.  Adult learners do need a travel guide to support them on their journey, and as a faculty member that embraces this type of teaching philosophy and values, I can provide a teaching style that really encourages students to make the most out of their experience, just as they would on a tour.  Adult learners need clear expectations regarding the outcomes, the preparation needed for the course, a clearly articulated schedule, someone that will meet their own personal learning goals, and a faculty member that will make accommodations for their busy life, when necessary.

Providing a teaching style that is similar to that of a tour guide is something that adult learners’ value. The students really feel that they are supported and can accomplish their educational goals through an environment that is structured while encouraging autonomy and their own exploration.  Flexibility and engagement further enhance these learners’ success and accomplishment.

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