UT Tyler Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Patriot Diversity – We are all in this together!

Inclusion Statement

The University of Texas at Tyler aspires to create, foster, and sustain a university-wide culture of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion, irrespective of identity. We value and embrace all backgrounds, experiences, and identities while realizing no one group, person, or experience is definitive. We are richer when our individual skills, knowledge, experiences, cultures, backgrounds, and identities are combined. This is our commitment: to deliberately and intentionally create a diverse campus community that focuses on equitable justice, ensuring a strong organization where students, faculty, and staff can belong, thrive, and succeed.


Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, JEDI, at The UT Tyler


JEDI is an all-encompassing, sustainable movement which embraces systemic and institutional change toward a more equitable and just environment. No member of the system will be excluded from privileges or exempt from consequences. There will be a focus on removing barriers that impede progress toward inclusivity and measurable goals to ensure that everyone has the necessary tools to do well. “Treat others the way they want to be treated” so that every member of the campus community and visitors to campus can be their full, authentic self in every and all spaces on campus.

JEDI as a concept is set in the foundation and bolstered by these definitions of Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion:


Creating and implementing a policies and procedures designed to have equitable rewards and consequences amongst all groups, systems, or individuals where the practices within those policies and procedures, especially any corrective actions, are equitable – both in how they compare to the infraction and how they are applied across identity.

This includes distributive (policies and procedures determining who gets what), procedural (how disputes and infractions are resolved), retributive (how disciplinary/corrective action is applied), and restorative (how harm that may have been caused is repaired) justice practices.


Attempting to meet members of the UT Tyler community where they are – finding out what the needs of the community, groups, and individuals are and working with them, as an institution, to fill those gaps and needs through leveling the platform to help the community, groups, and individuals reach the maximum level of success in the face of these disparities.


The presence, acknowledgement, recognition, and acceptance of the many varieties of human difference within the UT Tyler campus community, regardless of the marked, invisible, and chosen identities of any individual or group. Diversity is not a noun, but an action we readily seek in the way we approach and respond to the identities that make up our campus community.


The intentional decision and effort to remove implicit and explicit biases. This is the first step towards Belonging, which is a campus where every individual in the campus community feels like they can be ‘out’ and accepted in every and all spaces on campus. The range of human identities is ever expanding and so must our capacity for change as we work from being an Inclusive university to a university where everyone truly belongs.