Research in Progress

Dr. Kouider Mokhtari


Nutta, J., Mokhtari, K., Strebel. C., Mihai, F., & Crevecoeur-Bryant, E. (Under Contract). Narrowing the Gap, Reaching the Target: A Collaborative Model of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment for English Learners. Harvard Education Press.

Synopsis: In this book, we describe an integrated, collaborative model of curriculum, instruction, and assessment for English learners (ELs), identifying knowledge and skills necessary for, and roles and responsibilities required of, educators of ELs.


Mokhtari, K., Dimitrov, D., & Reichard, C. (Under Review). Revising the Metacognitive Awareness of Reading Strategies Inventory and Testing for Factorial Invariance Across Gender and Ethnic Groups.

Synopsis: In this study, we revised the Metacognitive Awareness of Reading Strategies Inventory (MARSI) (Mokhtari & Reichard, 2002)—a self-report instrument designed to assess students’ awareness of reading strategies when reading school-related materials – and we collected evidence of structural, generalizability, and external aspects of validity for the revised inventory (MARSI-R).

Mokhtari, K., & Niederhauser, D. (Under Review). Vocabulary and Syntactic Knowledge Factors in 5th Grade Students’ Reading Comprehension.

Synopsis: In this study, we examined 5th grade students’ levels of vocabulary knowledge and syntactic awareness relative to their reading comprehension performance. The aim was to explore the contributions of vocabulary and syntactic awareness as potential sources of reading comprehension difficulty for these readers.

Nutta, J., & Mokhtari, K. (Under Review). Do As We Say and As We Do: Making Our Own Teacher Preparation Practices Interdisciplinary.

Synopsis: In this article, we argue that preparing teacher candidates of all subjects, specializations, and grade levels with a substantive and comprehensive focus on promoting success for diverse students, and English learners in particular, can foster an ethos and practice of interdisciplinarity.

Mokhtari, K., Beschorner, B., & Goodwin, B. (Under Revision). Effects of Motivational and Metacognitive Reading Strategy Use on Adolescent Reading Performance.

Synopsis: In this paper, we examined whether students’ internal motivation for reading and their metacognitive reading strategy use predict their overall reading performance, and whether each predictor variable adds unique variance to reading ability.