STEP: Typical Plan of Study

(Effective Summer 2013)

There are four steps in the STEP program:

Step 1
All teacher candidates:
  • Module 1: Foundations
  • Module 2: Teaching, Planning, Assessing
  • Module 3: Diversity
  • Module 4: Educational Psychology

Step 2
All teacher candidates:
  • READ Module: Disciplinary Literacy
  • *EDUC 5372: Graduate Methods: Models of Teaching

*Includes clinical experience

ALL ELAR teacher candidates:

  • READ Module: Reading Diagnosis

If teaching:

  • EDUC 53__: Begin internship

If student teaching in the spring, attend student teaching orientation. Contact Cynthia Sherman, csherman@uttyler.eduduring the first week of the semester for the date.

Content test must have been passed to be eligible for student teaching. See advisor for more information.

6 hours of TExES PREP must be completed.

Step 3
All teacher candidates:
  • EDUC 5351: Assessment in Educational Settings

If teaching:

  • Complete internship
  • EDUC 4057: Seminar

If not teaching:

  • EDUC 4640: Clinical (student) teaching*
  • EDUC 4057: Seminar

*Watch for application deadlines early in the Fall

  • Take TExES 160: Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities
Step 4
Summer I
All teacher candidates:
  • Module 5: Reflection/Professional Development/Goal Setting
  • Complete all required TExES exams if not yet completed
  • Apply for standard certificate when all requirements have been completed
To be taken when offered (any semester)

All Grade 4-8 teacher candidates:

  • READ 5303: New & Emerging Media Literacies
  • Substitutes: READ 5302 or READ 5304