UT Tyler

College of Education and Psychology

Professional Counselors' Examination

UT Tyler students taking the examination to be Licensed Professional Counselors scored higher than students in any other public university in Texas over the three year reporting period according to the most recent data available.

  • The average score of the nineteen UT Tyler students taking the exam was 85.9
  • 100% passed

Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC’s) constitute the largest group of masters and doctoral level mental health practitioners in Texas.

  • The license requires a 48 credit hour master's degree in a field related to counseling, passing the examination, and an extensive initial period of supervised practice.
  • The licensing exam is administered by autonomous board, The Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors, as authorized by statute.
  • The LPC Board maintains statistics on the scores and percentage passing of candidates from 57 public and private universities in Texas.
UT Tyler