Vision, Mission & Goals

East Texas Center for School Based Research & Instruction


Establish an organized research and instruction unit within the College of Education & Psychology at The University of Texas at Tyler aimed at supporting center partners (area schools, institutions of higher education, and community organizations) in designing, implementing, and evaluating customized professional learning opportunities and initiatives.


Engage partners in professional learning opportunities and initiatives, which empower all to strengthen instructional effectiveness and dramatically improve students’ literacy and academic achievement outcomes.


The following goals are designed to help actualize the center’s vision and mission as partners collaborate to implement integrated strategies for improvement.

  1. Engage partners in identifying critical education challenges, issues, and/or questions.
  2. Support partners in designing, implementing, and evaluating research-based integrated strategies for addressing identified issues, questions, and challenges.
  3. Leverage resources (research, infrastructure, college students) at UT Tyler to help meet critical educational needs in area schools and communities.
  4. Collaborate with partners in monitoring and evaluating program effectiveness.