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Psychology & Counseling

For additional information on graduate programs in psychology and counseling, contact PsycCounAdmissions@uttyler.edu.

Program Information:

Dr. Karl Witt
Email:  kwitt@uttyler.edu
Phone:  903.565.5899
Office:  HPR 212

For Admission Information:

Email:  SCgraduate@uttyler.edu
Phone:  903.566.7087
Office:  BEP 223

School of Education

Program Contacts:

For the Curriculum and Instruction and Grad Teach programs, contact:

Dr. Yanira Oliveras-Ortiz
Email:  yoliverasortiz@uttyler.edu
Phone:  903.565.5639
Office:  BEP 245

For the Educational Administration and Principal Certification programs, contact:

Dr. Gary Miller
Email:  gmiller@uttyler.edu
Phone:  903.565.5639
Office:  BEP 245

For the Reading programs, contact:

Dr.  Gina Doepker
Email:  gdoepker@uttyler.edu
Phone:  903.566.6206
Office:  BEP 212B

For the Special Education programs, contact:

Dr. Frank Dykes
Email:  fdykes@uttyler.edu
Phone:  903.565.5772
Office:  BEP 243

For the Superintendent Certification program, contact:

Dr. Jennifer Jones
Email:  jenniferjones@uttyler.edu
Phone:  903.565.5653
Office:  HPR 114

For Admission Information:

Email:  SOEgraduate@uttyler.edu
Phone:  903.566.7087
Office:  BEP 223

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