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Faculty Spotlight

Yanira Oliveras-Otiz had her article, The Impact of High Stakes Testing on School Leadership, published in School Leadership Review.

Robert Stevens' short story, Weather Breeder, won the historical fiction category and will be published in the book Texas Short Stories.

Kouider Mokhtari had his book published, Research-based instruction that makes a difference in English learners' success. Dr. Mokhtari also published the journal article, Examining the relative contributions of content knowledge and strategic processing to reading comprehension in Literacy Research: Theory, Method and Practice Yearbook.

Joanna Neel and Kouider Mokhtari along with colleagues published the journal article, Assessing the promise of a supplemental reading intervention program for at-risk first grade students in a public school setting in the International Electronic Journal of Elementary Education.

Julie Delello, Kouider Mokhtari, and Carla Reichard published the article, Connected yet distracted; multitasking among college students in Journal of College Reading & Learning.

Julie Delello and colleagues published the following manuscripts: New visual literacies and competencies for education and the workplace in the Handbook of Research on the Societal Impact of Digital Media, and Integrating augmented reality in higher education—a multidisciplinary study of student perceptions in the Journal of Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia.

Vance Vaughn, Gary Miller, and Yanira Oliveras-Ortiz had their edited book Preparing Future Ready Education Leaders through Globalized Online Learning published.

Vance Vaughn, Gary Miller, and Yanira Oliveras-Ortiz co-authored two chapters, A vision for designing, developing, and delivering online learning programs for 21st century learners and Trends for future ready leadership in preparing future ready education leaders through globalized learning in Preparing Future Ready Education Leaders through Globalized Online Learning.

Jennifer Jones had her chapter, Developing online education for twenty-first century leaders: A superintendent's perspective on online educational leadership programs, published in Preparing Future Ready Education Leaders through Globalized Learning Online Learning.

Yanira Oliveras-Ortiz had her chapter, Developing Aspiring Principals' Decision-Making Skills, published in Preparing Future Ready Education Leaders through Globalized Learning Online Learning.

Wes Hickey and Mike Odell had their chapter, Instructional activities that create Engaging experiences in online courses, published in Preparing Future Ready Education Leaders through Globalized Learning Online Learning.

Anna Consalvo and a colleague's journal article, Keeping the teacher at arm's length: Student resistance in writing conferences in two high school classrooms was published in the Journal of Classroom Interaction.

Larry Kraus and Robert Stevens' manuscript, A change is gonna come: The anti-war movement through song was published in the Social Studies Texan.

Dr. Kouider Mokhtari and Dr. Dee Brook were invited to appear with Kristen Chapmen and Robert Thornton on KETK TV Morning show regarding the 7th Annual East Texas Book Fest (ETXBF).

Dr. Anna Consalvo's, along with colleagues from Austin, will publish their article, "An examination of the construct of Legitimate Peripheral Participation as a theoretical framework in literacy research" in Educational Research Review.

Dr. Paula Lundberg-Love's book review, "The world's favorite psychoactive substance," [Review of the book Caffeinated: how our daily habit helps, hurts, and hooks us, by Murray Carpenter], was published in PsychCRITIQUES.

Drs. Larry Kraus and Robert Stevens' publication, "A Change is Gonna Come: The 60's Anti-War Movement through Song" was published in Social Studies Texas.

Dr. Paula Lundberg-Love's chapter, "Toward an Understanding of Bullying in the Workplace to Mitigate Deleterious Effects" was published in Bullies at Work.

Dr. Paula Lundberg-Love's chapter, "Understanding mental disorders in women in the workplace to mitigate deleterious effects" was published in Handbook on well-being of working women.

Dr. Kouider Mokhtari has received the 2014 John C. Manning Public School Service Award from the International Reading Association

Dr. Kouider Mokhtari has co-authored a book, Educating English Learners, published by Harvard Education Press

Dr. Vance Vaughn was awarded Researcher of the Year by the Texas Council of Professors of Educational Administration.

Dr. Paula Lundberg-Love presented on The Impact of Early Life Trauma on Health and Disease at the East Texas Children's Network annual conference in Tyler, TX.

Dr. Paula K. Lundberg-Love's chapter "Psychological Sequelae of Cancer in Women during the Acute Phase of Survival" was published in The Praeger Handbook on Women's Cancers.

Dr. Teresa Kennedy has been awarded a Fulbright to Argentina for the purpose of improving STEM education.

Dr. Jessica Rueter has been elected to serve as Vice President for the Council for Educational Diagnostic Services (a national division of Council for Exceptional Children).

Congratulations to Dr. Vance Vaughn on the publication of Considering Commitment: Longevity, Excellency and Resilience in the Community Works Journal.

Dr. Robert Stevens' historical novel Master Robert won the 2014 Texas Association of Authors Book Contest for Best Civil War Historical Fiction.

Dr. Genie Linn, associate professor in educational leadership, had her editorial Leader ... Leading ... Leadership Legacy ... published in the 2014 edition of Journal of Texas School Women Executives.

Dr. Diana Vaughn, adjunct professor in educational leadership, and Dr. Vance Vaughn, associate professor in educational leadership, had their article Finding a Superintendent's Position: Challenges for African American Women in Texas published in the 2014 edition of the Journal of Texas School Women Executives.

Dr. Ron Livingston and Dr. Andrew Schmitt, along with their co-authors C.R. Reynolds and J Valera, have had their article "Assessment of Pediatric Bipolar Disorder: What School Psychologists Should Know!" published in Research and Practice in the Schools.

Dr. Andrew Schmitt, Dr. Ron Livingston, and Dr. Frank Dykes, along with their co-authors B.M. Scott, J.M Galusha and A. Garland have had their article "A Theoretical Model for Measuring Change: Reliable Change Index" published in Research and Practice in the Schools.

Dr. Vance Vaughn, Associate Professor of Educational Leadership, had his article View from the Field: NCLB's Good Intentions of Accountability Damage our Educational Leaders and Our Schools in the Winter 2014 edition of School Leadership Review.

Dr. Genie Linn was selected as the Texas Council of Women School Executive's Margaret A Montgomery Leadership Award recipient.

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