EE Capstone Projects for the Academic Year 2019 - 2020

UT Tyler Capstone Projects from Tyler and HEC (2019-2020)


  • Project Title: Co-Axial Rotatory Actuator  

           Team Members:  Jacob Adams, Andrew Ainken, Michael Fults, Cameron Timbes, Lam Trinh, Marcelo Zavala

           Sponsor: HVAC, Manufacturing, Inc.

           Faculty Advisor: Dr. Nael Barakat, Mechanical Engineering

          Campus: Tyler

           Abstract: The purpose of this project is to design and build a manufacturing ready system for remote control of air outlets in commercial Heat, Ventilation,      and Air Conditioning (HVAC) units. This system is capable of collecting and communicating data related to HVAC, wirelessly to the cloud, through IoT. This applied research project is sponsored by an industrial partner – HVAC systems in TX. A team of undergraduate students carried out this project as their senior engineering year design project. 

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  • Project Title: RoboTech

    Team Members:  Richard Sij, Joshua luker, Michelle Tamdjo, Wyatt Snare, Josue Rios             

    Sponsor: IEEE 

    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Prabha Sundaravadivel, Electrical Engineering

    Campus: Tyler 

    Abstract:  The IEEE Region 5 organizes an annual robotics competition open to schools in the region. The overall goal is to design and build an autonomous robot that has the ability to identify and pick up objects to place them into their respective bins. Objects placed in the correct bins within the two-minute time limit will score points and the team with the most point wins the competition.

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  • Project Title: Trane Gas Test Stand Automation & Cycle Time Reduction

    Team Members:  Blake Merritt, James Davis, Justin Davenport, William Urwiller, Zaeem Siddiqui 

     Faculty Advisor: Dr. Alwathiqbellah Ibrahim, Mechanical Engineering

     Campus: Tyler 

     Abstract:  Mechatronic automation can eliminate many of the errors induced by manual, technician-operated controls, improving experiment quality. As such, automation of the Trane Gas Lab's furnace testing devices will improve the quality of experiment data and reduce the time needed to complete a test, increasing productivity. Compared to technician operated tests, the control devices developed have reduced the time required to perform the tests while significantly increasing data quality. 

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  • Project Title: Robotic Patient Transfer Device

    Team Members:  Josua Berger, Cooper Knauss 

     Faculty Advisor: Dr. Chung Hyun Goh, Mechanical Engineering

     Campus: Tyler 

     Abstract:  Due to long hours, stress, and difficult lifting situations, nurses and caretakers become injured and have to take time off from work. The majority of these injuries come from lifting patients in and out of a bed and wheelchair. The most common injury due to this is Musculoskeletal Disorder (MSD). To reduce the risk of these injuries, the designed Robotic Patient Transfer Device (RPTD) must safely transfer the patient from a bed and then to a chair and vice versa. The use of the device must also be safe for the nurse and caretaker and help mitigate lower back injuries. These are the main areas that the chosen concept was designed.

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  • Project Title: Popsicle stick bridge testing device

    Team Members:  Garrett Klein, Tyler Williams, Joseph Rueswald, Breen Hughes, James Florek, Abdulrahman Jijakli, Eutrope Kaptue

     Faculty Advisor: Dr. Nael Barakat, Mechanical Engineering

     Campus: Tyler 

     Abstract:  To design and build a device that automates the registration and tests for the Alief Popsicle Bridge competition and organize the data in a way that outputs the tested attributes for each bridge and assigns ranks in a specified format.

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  • Project Title: Windmill Competition System

    Team Members:  Frederick Wehe, Emmanuel Acuna, Davida Campbell, Joshua Stapp, Spencer Wells

    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Tahsin Khajah, Mechanical Engineering

    Campus: Tyler 

     Abstract:  The objective of this project is to design and build a test and evaluation system for windmills to facilitate the competition in elementary, middle, and high schools. The developed system allows competitors to install any windmill blades they design on the provided windmill mount and measures the power generated by their design under controlled wind conditions.

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  • Project Title: Cybernetic Force Enhancing Smart Glove

    Team Members:  Ronald Freeman, Nicolas Pineda, Carolina Ramirez-Robledo, Kevin Scholtes, Alan Velazquez, Alejandro Candelaria Silos

    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Hussain Rizvi, Mechanical Engineering

    Campus: HEC

     Abstract:  The purpose of this project is to design and built an external assistive device in the form of a cybernetic glove, which improves a user’s ability to grasp, hold and manipulate. The student team, six engineering seniors, have scaled this project to function within a budget of $1,500. The market currently exists for a device like this and it is underserved. Future development in materials and price reduction in fabrication will enable this team to standardize this product for commercial use in sports rehabilitation, nursing homes, retail environments, and factories

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  • Project Title: Marine Solar Charger

    Team Members:  Dana Bekmaganova, Prakash Jha, Kieran Kapila, Rudy Marban, Hicham Matraka

    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Aws Al-Shalash, Mechanical Engineering

    Campus: HEC

     Abstract:  When fishermen go on extended fishing or recreational trips, they use 12VDC batteries to charge various loads: such as fish finders, LED lights and cellular devices. The main objective for team "The Solars" is to provide an alternative source of power in the form of a solar battery charging station for kayakers who need to recharge their 12VDC batteries.

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  • Project Title: Lunar Coring Device

    Team Members:  Andrew Tran, Samuel Najar, Flavio Santos, John Tong, Shawn Yarbrough, Yared Mulugeta

    Faculty Advisor: Mr. Samuel Ogletree, Mechanical Engineering

    Campus: HEC

     Abstract:  This project seeks to address the TSGC- 40 Micro-G NExT challenge regarding lunar surface coring operations. This project reports to UT Tyler as the governing body, TSGC as project sponsor, and Micro-G NExT as the end client. It will be tested at the neutral buoyancy lab (underwater testing) and thus must perform in those conditions and environment. The device was designed to be comprised of three components, the drill head, core housing, and stabilizing jig.

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  • Project Title: Elderly Location and Logistics Interface

    Team Members:  Amaobi Onyejiaka, Rasheed Odruro, Austin Parker, Trang Pham, Benjamin Stilwell

    Faculty Advisor: Mr. Samuel Ogletree, Mechanical Engineering

    Campus: HEC

     Abstract:  This team sought to develop a system that would integrate a smart wearable device which can track patient movement and vital signs. The wearable device must be able to detect and alert the care giver if the patient falls or goes outside a set parameter. It will control access through the wearable device and would prevent patients from accessing restricted areas such as other patients’ rooms, staff areas or outside the facility; Bluetooth locks can be implemented to achieve this objective.

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