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UT Tyler Department of Electrical Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

The UT Tyler electrical engineering bachelor of science degree program prepares students to practice successfully as electrical engineers and/or pursue graduate studies.

The electrical engineering curriculum is designed to provide students a strong theoretical foundation, practical engineering skills and experience in communication and teamwork.

Electrical engineering majors acquire the knowledge, skills and experiences that will enable them as graduates to:

  • Be involved in professional practice through the application of problem-solving skills, using relevant technology in their field.
  • Demonstrate professional leadership skills through effective communication, critical thought, creativity and teamwork.
  • Integrate engineering principles and social, business and ethical issues in modern society in the process of decision making.
  • Be professionally engaged in serving the needs of business, industry, government and academic organizations.
  • Grow professionally through activities such as graduate study, continuing education, professional licensure and participation in technical societies.

Four-year Suggested Curriculums

2016-2018 BSEE Curriculum (PDF)

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