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Executive Health Care Administration Certificate

Non-Degree Seeking Plan

Prepare for a position in health care administration by earning an Executive Health Care Administration Certificate at The University of Texas at Tyler.

The graduate certificate program is designed for those who hold non-administrative titles but desire to move into health care administration. Requirements for acceptance to the UT Tyler program include an undergraduate degree; minimum GPA of 3.0; and one year of health care experience or current employment in a health care field. 

Students completing the certification have the option of moving into the Executive Health Care Administration/MPA degree program or other full master's degree program. For those who are not quite ready for a graduate degree, the certificate provides a sampling of what can be expected in a full graduate program while providing the skill set necessary to enter health career administration fields at entry level positions.

  • Get an introduction to the administrative side of health care without the commitment of a full graduate degree program. The UT Tyler certificate program consists of five core courses in health care administration.
  • Enjoy the convenience of online courses. During each semester, there are intensive days where students are required to attend classes as part of the EHCA cohort. After the intensive days, all course work is completed online.
  • The program can be started in any semester with two courses being taken in the fall, two courses in the spring and one course in the summer.

UT Tyler EHCA Certificate Courses

The certificate program consists of the following health care administration core curriculum courses:

  • EHCA 5360 - Introduction to the American Health Care System (3 SCH)
  • PADM 5350 - Seminar in Human Resource Management (3 SCH)
  • PADM 5335 - Topics in Policy Analysis (3 SCH)
  • EHCA 5366 - Healthcare Advertising/Promotion and Marketing (3 SCH)
  • PADM 5380 - Topics in Public Administration (3 SCH)

Program Costs

  • Beginning fall 2019, the cost* for the full certificate is $11,250.00, which covers all fees, textbooks, and meals during intensive days. For those not completing full certification, the cost will be prorated at $2,250.00 per course.
  • There is a one-time fee of $50 to apply to The Graduate School at UT Tyler.

*Financial aid is not available for non-degree seeking students. Students can apply for private student loans if needed.

Transition to the EHCA Graduate Degree Program

Upon successful completion of the certificate program (minimum GPA 3.0), the student can transition into the full EHCA graduate degree program if application is within two years of the certificate completion date. The student also must have at least one year of health care work experience and approval from the program director to be accepted into the full EHCA degree program.

Students who decide to enter the EHCA degree program without full completion of the certificate program must meet the following partial requirements for acceptance into the EHCA program:

  1. GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  2. Two letters of recommendation.
  3. Three years of health care work experience or a combination of work experience and successful academic work.
    • Successful completion of one full semester of 2 courses (fall or spring) = one year of experience.
    • Successful completion of summer semester = six months of experience.
    • Example: A student completing both spring and summer semesters would be required to have 1½ years of health care experience (in addition to numbers 1 and 2 above) to enter the full EHCA program.

4. Approval of acceptance by the program director.

For more information about EHCA certification, send an email to ehca@uttyler.edu or call 903.566.7193.

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