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Executive Health Care Administration MPA Program

Hybrid Versus Online Courses

Hybrid graduate programs offer the best of both worlds. Students in the EHCA program spend face-to-face time with their professors and classmates in a traditional classroom setting at the beginning of each semester (during our intensive week) and complete the remainder of the work and assignments for each course online.

According to an article by Dr. Z.P. Hart in the Kentucky Journal of Communication, “a hybrid approach, which allows for some in-person instruction as well as significant online components, may be particularly beneficial for most students.”

Hart said literature suggests, “a mix of face-to-face and online teaching is likely to result in the greatest learning.”

The general impression is that an online degree is easier. In fact, the lack of interpersonal connection can hinder a student’s progress.

Even one week per semester of face-to-face classroom time can make a significant impact on the overall progress of the student and the cohort as a whole.

The EHCA MPA Program strongly believes in the power of the face-to-face experience between student and professor. Recognizing that busy working health care professionals cannot commit to the course schedules traditionally offered by universities, the EHCA program provides the opportunity to interact with a select group of health care professionals.

We believe in the distinct advantage of having students in the classroom and in exercises working with twenty-five other health care professional, sharing their knowledge and experiences. It is like having twenty-five teachers in each course, plus a highly experienced professor.

According to a study at Kennesaw University in Georgia, dropout rates were 15 to 20 percent higher than more traditional means of communication. Students who do not get what they need from online courses are far less likely to complete a program – which can be a waste of time and money for said student.

The hybrid format offers the best of both worlds, an opportunity to meet and discuss course material and health care issues face-to-face with their professors and classmates while completing most of the course work online.

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