Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

UT Tyler Department of Electrical Engineering

The UT Tyler electrical engineering curriculum is designed to prepare the undergraduate student for work in the engineering profession and for graduate study. A solid foundation in mathematics, physics and chemistry is required. The use of computers is integrated into all courses.

The required courses in electric circuits, electronics, digital logic, electromagnetics, signals and systems and other engineering program requirements, such as technical communications, engineering analysis and economics, support a program of specialized electives in the senior year. Electives may be chosen from electrical power engineering, control systems, electromagnetics, computer and microchip design, or from technical areas outside electrical engineering.

The laboratory program is designed to familiarize the students with basic principles taught in the lectures and, then, to show the students how to apply those principles to engineering problems and designs.

The required senior design is a "capstone" design project that utilizes the concepts, principles and practices learned in earlier courses in the completion of an "industrial-type" engineering design project in the student's last year.