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Information for the Authors

Diversity, Social Justice & the Educational Leader is double-blind, peer review process. In the first stage, all submitted manuscripts go through an initial screening process to determine if the manuscript meets the submission criteria. Once the manuscript is screened, it is read by a minimum of two reviewers. During the second stage, manuscripts are considered by the editors. The author(s) receives written feedback from the editors. After the author addresses issues as requested by the editors and the manuscript is returned to the editors, the accepted manuscripts will be reviewed by the editorial board prior to publication.  

Diversity, Social Justice & the Educational Leader only considers manuscripts that are not simultaneously being considered by other publishers or editors. The journal will not publish manuscripts that are available online or in print elsewhere. Hence, it is required that the authors remove manuscripts from other websites or public sources before submission. 

Please click on the following link to visit the DSJEL submission portal on Scholarworks:

Call for Manuscripts

The Diversity, Social Justice and the Educational Leader journal invites researchers, practitioners and advanced graduate students to submit manuscripts for the journal’s inaugural volume. The manuscript should expand the literature focused on leadership and the education of PK–12 diverse students. For the purpose of this publication, diverse student populations is defined as students from non-Caucasian racial and ethnic groups, students whose first language is a language other than English, children from nontraditional family structures, economically disadvantaged students and students with exceptional learning needs. Each manuscript must include a section about the implications for educational leadership practitioners and educational leadership programs.

Submission Guidelines

  • Manuscripts should be no more than 3,000 words or approximately 20 pages including references.
  • A 100-150 word abstract must be submitted with the manuscript.
  • All manuscripts submitted to the Diversity, Social Justice & the Educational Leader should be prepared in accordance with the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th Edition (2010). Manuscripts may be copyedited for bias-free language.
  • A cover page should be submitted with the manuscript. The cover page should include: name, position, institution, mailing address, phone number and email address. 
  • To ensure a blind-review process, the author’s name should not included within the manuscript. The author’s name must be removed from citations within the manuscript “(Jones, 2016)” should be “(Author, 2016).
  • Editors will not consider manuscripts that do not meet the guidelines.
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