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ATTENTION: Many bulk mail guidelines have changed. Please review carefully or contact us to ask questions.

Bulk mail (business mail) is a cheaper way of sending out official UT Tyler mail. You do need to follow a few guidelines though. Standard mail is mail matter not required to be mailed as "first-class'' or "periodicals.'' Lower nonprofit prices are available for standard mail but require specific authorization. As an educational institution, we are able to do so.

You MUST have a permit indicia imprint or on the envelope in order to send out business mail.

Rules and Regulations

Permit 963 Non-Profit

Permit 85 Non-Profit

Number of Pcs



Size and Weight Req




Starts at $0.115

Starts at $0.115


Flat Addressing

Flat Characteristics

For bulk mail to work, there are rules to follow for the sizing, addressing and weight requirements as in the links given above. The other requirement is that the mail be put in zip code order from smallest zip code to largest. The most helpful way to separate these is in separate mail bins or trays. You may request a mail tray by calling 7086 or email us.



Mailings of 200 or more addressed pieces must be sorted in ascending zip code order before picked up to be considered eligible. Each piece must include a complete delivery address with correct zip code or zip+4 code.


To qualify for bulk mail, USPS requires certain addressing standards. Addresses on all pieces must be updated within 95 days before mailing through a USPS approved address update method (e.g., ACS, NCOALink, FASTforward or the appropriate ancillary service endorsement except "forwarding service requested.'' 507.1.5).

"Return service requested'' is the most common. This must be placed under the return address (which should be at the top left of the mail piece). The department will incur the full price of the piece if it is returned for address correction. For an overview of move update standards, see Quick Service Guide 230a. A certified process ( must be used within 12 months before mailing to ensure accuracy of 5-digit zip codes.

This is the most strict one now. There are many ways to take care of addressing standards but the usual way is "return service requested.'' This must be located under the return address. What this does is tell the PO that you decided to keep up with your own addresses and will promise to change them if they are returned to you. The downside is that you will spend .44 cents (or current first class letter rate) if they are returned to you.


Q. What will my mailing cost me?
A. Depends on dimensions and design. Visit the business price calculator to price your own. Remember that this is just for estimate postage. There may be other factors that effect your final postage.

Q. Does design have anything to do with price?
A. Design actually has a lot to do with your postage. Be careful not to exceed weight requirements on mailings. Each ounce could potentially cost you big on each job.