Policies and Procedures

Facilities Management

Some policies and procedures are handed down from USPS regulations and guidelines. Most can be found in an instructional handbook such as the Domestic Mail Manual.

Mail and Package Pick-Up and Drop-Off Times

Mail and packages are usually picked up and dropped off to departments and dorms between 11:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. To ensure same-day processing, the outgoing mail should be in the pick-up tray by 2:00 p.m. The absolute deadline for mail service is 4:30 p.m. to allow time to process. Any mail received after 4:30 p.m. will be processed the next business day. Any requests to pick up mail outside these times can be made via phone (7086) or email.

Addressing Standards

Interoffice Mail

For mail to be delivered efficiently, you must fill out the correct name and department and/or room number of the addressee. Incorrect or omitted information may cause further delay.

Sending Outgoing Mail

For mail to be processed correctly, guidelines must be followed for the USPS to deliver accurately. It is essential to include a return address, regardless if the mail is metered or stamped. If a return address is not on the envelope, your mail may not reach its destination.

The reason for this is if postage is due on the envelope and the recipient doesn't accept postage-due mail, it is automatically returned to the USPS. Without a return address there is no where to send it and it becomes more work for USPS. Occasionally they might open it to find the original owner, but usually it goes into an undeliverable area where it more than likely remains. In addition, stamped parcels exceeding weight limits will not be accepted without a return address.

To better serve you, the mail services department requires all stamped mail to include a return address. Not putting a return address and/or account number on the mail that is to be metered will result in returned mail. If an account number is missing, Mail Services has no way of billing the department, therefore will have to return the mail.

Scheduled Deliveries

Mail and packages are picked up and dropped off once a day Monday through Friday, excluding UT Tyler holidays. During holidays, Mail Services does NOT process mail or packages EXCEPT for winter holidays when the department schedules specific days to accept and sort mail and packages. The department will not deliver during this time, but you may call and make an appointment for us to deliver and pick up on those specific winter holidays that we are working.

During USPS holidays that UT Tyler is scheduled to work, Mail Services will operate as usual. Outgoing mail, however, will be processed the next business day. This means that on postal holidays, your mail may not go into circulation until the next business day. Packages will go out as usual, as long as the delivery service you have selected is scheduled to deliver that day.

Personal Mail and Packages

Personal mail and packages are allowed to be picked up along our normal mail route with campus outgoing mail as long as there are stamps or shipping labels already applied and are provided at the sender's expense.

We can receive personal packages from faculty and staff only via our package delivery services (Fed Ex, UPS, etc.), however we must be notified prior to delivery. Upon delivery of the personal package, the individual will be notified to pick it up from our receiving dock at their convenience.

UT Tyler Holiday Schedule

Follow these links to see delivery service holidays for UPS, DHL, FedEx and Lone Star Overnight: