Expected Enrollment

Understanding and Completing Expected Enrollment

What is Expected Enrollment?

Expected Enrollment allows you to inform the Office of Financial Aid how many hours of course work you intend to enroll in so the office can calculate your cost of attendance for the upcoming year. This will cut down on situations that require the financial aid office to adjust your aid during the semester.

Completing the Expected Enrollment Assignment

  1.  Log in to your myUTTyler account.
  2. Go to your Student Center.
  3. Click on View Financial Aid.
  4. Select current active aid year.
  5. Click Expected Enrollment.
  6. Select your planned level of enrollment for both the fall and spring semester sections (and summer, if applicable). The chart above the enrollment blocks will help you in your selection for the correct enrollment, based on how many credit hours you plan to enroll for the specified semester.
  7. Check the box for "I understand that this form may only be submitted once and that all provided information is complete and correct."
  8. Click Submit.
  9. You may then click on Return to Aid Year Selection to return to the previous screen and work your way back to the main Student Center screen.

**Special note: You will only be able to submit your Expected Enrollment once from your Student Center.  If you return the Expected Enrollment screen, the items will be grayed out and you will see the date and timestamp of when you submitted your enrollment information.

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