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Veteran's Benefits - Using the Hazlewood Exemption at UT Tyler

The purpose of the Hazlewood Exemption is to provide an education benefit to honorably discharged or separated Texas veterans and to eligible dependent children and spouses of Texas veterans. For Hazlewood eligibility requirements, please visit the Texas Veterans Commission website. Eligible veterans, their children and spouses may receive an exemption from the payment of all tuition and fees for up to 150 semester credit hours.

STEP ONE: Applying for the exemption

To use Hazlewood benefits or to transfer unused benefits to an eligible child, the appropriate forms must be completed. Documentation must be submitted to the Enrollment Services Center prior to the census date for the semester you are applying for the benefit. All applications can be found on the Texas Veterans Commission website.

  • Veterans or Dependents Using the Exemption for the first time at UT Tyler must submit:
      • TVC Form HAE-App, rev. 06/2014 Application Packet
  • Veterans or Dependents Using the Exemption as a returning student to UT Tyler must Submit:
      • TVC Form HAE-App-CE, rev. 06/2014 Application Packet

STEP TWO: Supporting Documentation

  • Veterans
    • DD-214 (any copy except Member-1)
    • Benefits letter from the VA if you were discharged after 09/11/2001. If you were discharged prior to this date, a benefit letter is not necessary.
    • Hours of Hazlewood used (print page from Hazlewood On-line Database)
  • Children & Spouses (dependent of disabled veteran)
    • DD-214 (veteran's)
    • Proof from Department of Defense or from Veterans Administration regarding veteran parent's death or disability related to service.
    • Copy of birth certificate or marriage license to verify dependency
  • Transfer of benefits (Legacy)
    • DD-214 (veteran's)
    • Proof of dependency - a copy of the student's birth certificate or a copy of the parent's most recent tax return showing the student claimed as a dependent

Required documentation for subsequent semesters

  • One application is required every academic year you wish to use the Hazlewood Exemption.
  • Each recipient (veteran, child or spouse) must submit the TVC Form HAE-App-CE application each year.

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