The University of Texas at Tyler

GLOBE U.S. Partner

The University of Texas at Tyler is a GLOBE (Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment) U.S. partner, responsible to recruit, train and mentor teachers in GLOBE Program activities and facilitate student research in schools across East Texas. Students take GLOBE measurements at their schools, on the UT Tyler campus and at the university training facility located at Camp Tyler, just minutes from campus. See how GLOBE works.    


UT Tyler Campus Co-Directors


Partnership Objectives: 

  • Facilitate Texas students to explore and learn about their local environments.
  • Connect Texas students to students in other states and countries through collaborative and/or comparative research projects.
  • Assist Texas teachers to implement authentic field-based research.
  • Utilize the University Academy campuses as Model GLOBE School Demonstration sites.
  • Serve on the annual GLOBE U.S. Student Research Symposium (SRS) Leadership Team assisting with Southwest Regional Symposiums, 2016-present.


Activities include: 

  • The UT Tyler GLOBE Partnership trains GLOBE teachers across the state of Texas and facilitates GLOBE student research activities in Texas schools.
  • Integration into UT Tyler Courses for preservice and inservice teachers.
    • In-service and Pre-service Education courses and workshops include GLOBE activities every semester. 
    • GEOL 3314 - Oceanography and Meteorology course includes GLOBE training.
  • UT Tyler university students and K-12 students attending the UT Tyler University Academy (formerly known as the Innovation Academy) K-12 Schools (with campuses located in Tyler, Longview and Palestine, Texas) collect GLOBE data on a daily basis.
    • Annual Earth Day Activities are celebrated on the UT Tyler campus and at all three University Academy campuses
    • GLOBE Student Research Symposium (SRS) - Participation in every Southwest Regional GLOBE Student Research Symposium to date.
      • Five Texas schools awarded with top honors at the May 2019 Southwest Regional GLOBE Student Research Symposium that took place in Mescalero, New Mexico!
      • Texas schools received awards at the May 2018 Southwest Regional GLOBE Student Research Symposium in Boulder, Colorado as well as at the 2017 regional competition that took place in Denver, Colorado!
      • GLOBE students from UT Tyler's University Academy (formerly known as the Innovation Academy) in Tyler, Palestine and Longview, as well as from Harmony Junior High School in Big Sandy and Hawkins ISD, were recognized at the 2016 GLOBE Southwest Regional Science Fair held at the UT Tyler Houston Engineering Center, hosted by the UT Tyler GLOBE Team.
  • Collaborative Research Activities:

Additional Highlights from GLOBE Schools in East Texas

GLOBE Program 2018 Highlight on UT Tyler's University Academy School (formerly known as the Innovation Academy) - Texas Students spin GLOBE to Australia and Back!

GLOBE North America 2017 Eclipse.  Students from all 3 UT Tyler University Academy Campuses wore special-purpose solar filter “eclipse glasses” provided by NASA to safely view the eclipse! 

Earth Day 2017: GLOBE Schools in East Texas have been invited to participate in UT Tyler Earth Day events including a public lecture by Dr. Tyrone B. Hayes of UC Berkeley. Dr. Hayes is well known for his work on how pollution creates health disparities in minority and low income communities, and how it decimates frogs worldwide. All UT Tyler Innovation Academy campuses are holding local events as well!

In October 2012, UT Tyler trained and facilitated Hawkins teachers and their students to participate in an ongoing science project using GLOBE atmospheric measurements, which they presented at the 2012 GLOBE Youth Science Festival in New Delhi, India. 

  • Read an article about the 2012 GLOBE Science Festival in the Wood County Electric Cooperative, pp. 20-23.
  • After receiving training in GLOBE hydrology measurements, Hawkins students expanded their research and participated in a second trip to New Delhi, India, to share their findings with students around the world at the 2014 GLOBE Learning Expedition (GLE). One highlight of this adventure included a collaborative effort between Hawkins High School and GLOBE students from India, Croatia, Argentina, France, Nigeria, and Benin to implement a local effort associated with the 'Adopt-a-Highway' program.
  • The result of this collaboration was a 2015 White House Student Film Festival in Washington, D.C called "THE IMPACT OF GIVING BACK". President Obama applauded their work in the opening of the event! UT Tyler congratulates Hawkins students and their colleagues from around the world on their outstanding accomplishments!

GLOBE is a hands-on international science and education program that brings together students, teachers, scientists and community members in over 100 countries to develop environmental awareness, understanding of other cultures and a sense of global community. GLOBE offers a cross-curricular approach to the study of science, mathematics and technology in conjunction with geography, social studies, languages and the arts.

From 2009-2012, UT Tyler served as the home of the GLOBE Program Office (GPO) International Division and Help Desk assisting 112 GLOBE countries, as well as the North America Regional Office working with 140 U.S. GLOBE Partners, led by Dr. Teresa Kennedy for the University Corporation of Atmospheric Research (UCAR) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).


Teachers in East Texas: Contact the UT Tyler GLOBE Partnership to inquire about our GLOBE Training schedule and workshop opportunities, and to learn about how you can include your students in the GLOBE Regional Student Research Symposium.