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$200 For You!

Enroll for Fall 2022 by July 15th and you'll qualify for $200!
This incentive is open to NEWLY ADMITTED GRADUATE STUDENTS to help you reach your academic goals.

How Do I Qualify?

Online, Hybrid, and In-Person
Enroll into a minimum of 1 course -- YES "1" -- for Fall 2022

How Do I Register?

Register for Fall 2022 via myuttyler or contact your assigned program advisor, you can find your advisor at  https://www.uttyler.edu/advising/advisors.

Don't Know How?

See how you can register at https://www.uttyler.edu/enroll/ or contact enroll@uttyler.edu


Who’s eligible?

Newly admitted graduate students who enroll by July 15th for Fall 2022.

How many courses do I need to be enrolled in?

A minimum of one course.

What’s the deadline?

The deadline to enroll is July 15, 2022.

Who can I contact if I need help selecting my classes?

Contact ogs@uttyler.edu and we will notify advisors for the your academic program.

Is this incentive considered a loan?

No, this incentive is not considered a loan, and does not require repayment.

If I enroll for Summer and Fall, do I get $400?

No, you will receive a one-time payment of $200 for only Fall 2022.

Do I need to apply to receive the Early Registration Incentive?

No application is required. UT Tyler will identify students who meet the enrollment and eligibility criteria and automatically award the incentive.

When will I receive my $200?

You will need to contact student business services from your patriot email at cashiers@uttyler.edu to check the status of the award.

Can I be enrolled in a certification program to qualify?

Yes, students enrolled in at least one course, regardless of program of study, will qualify.

What if I have a hold and can’t register by July 15th?

All holds must be cleared and you must register by July 15th to qualify.