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Graduate Student Alumni Spotlight


Delane MoehringStudent Name:  Delane Moehring

Program: Communication

Hometown: Pueblo, CO

Undergraduate Institution: Colorado State University - Pueblo

Why did you choose to attend UT Tyler?

While I was working on my undergraduate degree in English, I knew I wanted to pursue a Master’s degree, I just was unsure of which program I would choose. My senior year, I took a class that swayed me toward communication and my husband and I were also led to East Texas for some other circumstances for his schooling, so it all was very serendipitous! Plus Tyler is a beautiful area, the class sizes were perfect, the subject matter offered aligned itself perfectly with the program I had been searching for, and all of that combined made for an easy decision!

What are your career goals and how does your graduate program support them?

I would love to eventually move on to a doctoral program in Technical Communication and teach at the college level. My graduate program is a step in the process, but also gives me the opportunity to teach at the community college level, which I would love to do as well.

What do you like most about UT Tyler?

Not only is it a beautiful campus, but the professors and students are very welcoming and kind, and it made me feel instantly welcome. I’ve enjoyed being involved on campus and doing things for the university, because I can tell that the university cares about its students and faculty. I’d have to say my favorite part of my education is the class sizes being so small, because I am learning a lot and am able to work closely with my professors who I’m fortunate to have as a resource.

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