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Dona AtkinsStudent Name: Dona K. Atkins

Program: Nursing Administration

Why did you feel UT Tyler’s online nursing program was a good option for you?

As a BSN graduate from the University of Texas at Tyler, the online MSN- Education program at UTT was my first choice.  With previous experience of the quality of nursing education at UTT, I knew that not only would I obtain superior academic training and instruction, but I would receive individualized support to assist me in reaching a pinnacle in the level of nursing skills and knowledge.

Have you been pleased with how it works? How or How not?

Nurses have a difficult time giving up an established nursing career to go back to graduate school.   The convenience of the online program allows any nursing student access 24-hours a day in the comfort of home or workplace.  The online graduate nursing programs make graduate school accessible to the employed nursing professional.

The MSN graduate program has surpassed my expectations.  The online capability of the MSN program at UTT allowed access to class regardless where I was.  I have been online while in the West Indies during which I was able to submit assignments, take examinations and communicate with the nursing faculty just as if I was in class back in Tyler.

What are your ultimate goals in terms of degree and career?

I have graduated with an MSN-Nursing this past fall, and I am currently enrolled in the Post-Graduate Certificate Nursing Administration program.  I will be applying to the online Ph.D. program this coming spring.  Ultimately, I hope to obtain a nursing faculty position within the University of Texas system.

What is your reaction to U.S. News & World Report’s ranking of UT Tyler as the fifth best online graduate nursing program in the country?

With the dynamic leadership and the excellence of nursing education within the graduate programs at UTT, the U.S. News & World Report most likely will witness the ranking of the University of Texas at Tyler School of Nursing climb to the number one position. There is no better nursing program in my book!

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