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Graduate Student Spotlight

Art History MA

JoBeth CoxStudent Name: JoBeth Cox

Program: Art History

Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA

Undergraduate Institution: UT Tyler

Graduation Year: 2016

Why did you choose to attend UT Tyler?

Initially, my thinking was purely based on convenience - affordability and proximity. Now having spent several years taking art history and studio courses in the art department, working closely with the supportive and challenging community that thrives here, and becoming involved in events and organizations that I believe in, the convenience has honestly become just an added bonus.

What are your career goals and how does your graduate program support them?

I am currently employed at the Tyler Museum of Art as Assistant Registrar, and am interested in either continuing in museum work or teaching at the junior-college level. Through UT Tyler’s internship program, I completed a semester-long undergraduate internship at the TMA in fall of 2015, and was hired as a staff member afterward. My position involves working with the Collections, Education, and Exhibitions departments, and I spearhead the digitization of our collections in various interactive formats for our onsite touchscreen interface. I am also currently cataloging and conducting research for a large private art collection in Tyler. Both lines of work require an immense amount of researching and writing, skills that continue to be practiced and refined in the MA Art History program.

The graduate program demands investigative and critical approaches to research, elevated articulation of thought, and professionalism in public presentation. My position as a Graduate Assistant in the department also allows for the exercise and reinforcement of these skills, in addition to providing insight into the role of the educator. Observing class from the vantage point of the GA offers me a chance to consider the variety of ways in which to present information and ensure its comprehension. Gaining classroom and grading experience in this role has been enjoyable and enriching.

What do you like most about UT Tyler?

As previously mentioned, the community of the UT art department is what I appreciate the most (I’d even go as far as to admit that it keeps me sane and focused.) Fellow students feel like family members, and the faculty is comprised of brilliant, stimulating, encouraging professionals with whom I always feel comfortable communicating. I’m challenged and supported at UT; but above all, I’m confident in my preparation for what the future may bring.

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