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Graduate Student Alumni Spotlight

Civil Engineering MS

Student Name:  Maegan Schneider

Program: MS Civil Engineering

Graduated: 2007

Employer: Adams Engineering

Position: Project Engineer for a land developing engineering firm

My undergraduate degree from Texas Tech University covered a broad spectrum of civil engineering. After I settled into a career path and determined what field interested me, I knew graduate school was where I could find that specialized information. I started my Master of Science degree program at the University of Texas at Arlington while working in Dallas. A job opportunity opened in Tyler so my husband and I moved to East Texas to start a new adventure. I completed one course through UTA as a distance learning course while in Tyler but knew that style of learning did not suit me.

I contacted the UT Tyler department chair about their civil engineering program. It was in its infancy so I was excited to be on the front end of the program. The department chair helped with course selection and tailored a program that would enable me to get the most out of my coursework. Because I fell into the non-traditional student role with a full-time job and family, the availability of courses after work hours was key to my finishing my graduate degree.

The faculty and staff in the Department of Civil Engineering went above and beyond what is typical. They were willing to work with me on course selection and my degree path. I opted for the project based curriculum and received ample guidance and assistance on my project. The professionalism and knowledge base in such a young department is invaluable.

Upon graduation from the University of Texas at Tyler, I have been able to apply the academic information I gained into practical applications in my career. Because the future of licensure for professional engineers is steering towards graduate level education, I am a step ahead of the curve.

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