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Meet a New Graduate Fellowship Recipient

Mahaveer BikshapathiStudent Name: Mahaveer Siddagoni Bikshapathi

Graduate Program: Electrical Engineering MS

How has this scholarship helped you?

This scholarship has helped me gain confidence, which is very important to achieving my future dreams and goals. Rather than worrying about financial problems, it gave me the freedom to keep the problems aside and strive hard to get good grades.

What is your favorite part about graduate school at UT Tyler?

1.) I consider Blackboard to be one of the most powerful tools. It allows me to access all the course documents, grades etc., which is very beneficial to students as well as to professors.

2.) Labs are very important because a graduate student always needs space to practice and apply what he has learned. UT Tyler has the best labs where all the required software is already installed.

What is your goal after graduation?

I will use this degree to enhance my profile, which will pave the way to many more opportunities.

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