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Civil Engineering MS

Student Name:  Malick Bittaye

Program: Civil Engineering B.S.C.E. & M.S.C.E.

Hometown: I am from a very small village in the republic of Gambia, called Chamen Village and I am the first the member of my family to attend university.

Graduated: 2013

Employer: Wood Engineering

Position: EIT Project Design Engineer

What attracted you to this field?

I was mostly interested in the construction of superstructures as a child; however, when i understood that civil engineers where the minds behind all such construction work I was immediately interested in civil engineering.

Why did you choose UT Tyler?

For proximity to the area I was acquainted with I was looking at going to UTA or UT Tyler. I visited with both school's civil engineering departments. I was impressed by the small size open door I found at UT Tyler. Having taught before, I understand the effectiveness of teaching depends a lot on the teacher's ability to understand persons individually and construe the complexity of the gap between a student's academic life and his/her social background. This is what I expected to find in a small but very organized program.

What do you like most about UT Tyler?

The relationship I expected at UT Tyler, which yielded well, provided me and my professors the chance to understand each other better, hence effective learning. I was also impressed by the department's efforts to accommodate students of diverse academic, socioeconomic, racial, and religious backgrounds. The department also valued students' evaluation of courses and professors, a vital part of a growing faculty!

What are your career aspirations?

Currently seeking professional engineering licensing. In the short term (5 years) I would like to work in firms that will provide challenging design work. Eventually, (5 yrs to 10 yrs) I would like to at least own part of a consulting firm.

What's your work experience?

I am a civil design engineer primarily engaged in water and wastewater, roadways (paving), subdivisions, surveying, and minor structural work. My most attractive experience is probably C3D design experience.

Do you have any advice to pass along to other students interested in this program?

Yes, a short one, every experience counts: the one you get by participating in class, the one you get by obtaining a student copy of software and playing with them, and your interaction with other students. Civil engineering is innovative and design evolutionary, so do not be afraid to speak your mind!

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