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Civil Engineering MS

Pedro ZavagnaStudent Name:  Pedro Zavagna

Program: Master's of Science in Civil Engineering

Hometown: Santa Maria, Brazil

Graduation Year: 2016

Why did you choose to attend UT Tyler?

I choose to attend UT Tyler because the university campus is beautiful and peaceful and there is a really strong sense of community with the campus and the families living around the campus. It also has a great engineering program, with all the department faculty being super helpful whenever the students need assistance, and since I got my Civil Engineering degree at UT Tyler and I was involved with research projects, it was a very easy decision to stay and continue my studies here.

What are your career goals and how does your graduate program support them?

My career goals are to have a good job doing what I love, and the graduate program supports me by providing the necessary education and experience that will be needed to get this job.

What do you like most about UT Tyler?

I love the campus and the faculty, since I moved to Tyler, one of the problems was to find a place to rest, and the UT Tyler campus is perfect in that point, with beautiful lakes and a good diversity of animals around it. And the faculty because as an International student, I always missed my family, so being in contact with them helped me a lot to not feel homesick.

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