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Graduate Student Alumni Spotlight

Clinical Mental Health Counseling MA

Rebecca MixxStudent Name:  Rebecca Mixx

Program: Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Hometown: Spring, TX

Undergraduate Institution: Texas A&M University - College Station

Graduation Year: 2015

Why did you choose to attend UT Tyler?

I chose to attend UT Tyler because of its location and size. After attending such a big university (Texas A&M) I was really searching for a school that could offer me a more personal learning experience. The CMHC program at UT Tyler is the perfect size and offers group participation with each lecture, which has really added to my learning experience. Each student is on a first-name basis with each professor and that is what I love so much about graduate school at UT Tyler. 

What are your career goals and how does your graduate program support them?

My overall career goal is to become a counselor and to have my own private practice that offers counseling services to people of all ages. UT Tyler's Clinical Mental Health program has provided me with the skills and knowledge that I need to pursue this goal. This program has allowed me to confide in professors who have been there and done what I am currently doing and this has been invaluable to my experience. This program has made me feel ready and capable to pursue my goals in the real world. 

What do you like most about UT Tyler?

UT Tyler has exceeded my expectations that I had about graduate school. The professors at UT Tyler are so invested in our learning and they offer their experience to us in lecture, which is really what I find to be so amazing about this program. Along with the studies and learning the basics about counseling, you also get the chance to really know these professors as counselors and you get to experience how they do their work with clients. It is so valuable to have professors that really show you that they care about your education, as well as your career goals for the future. They have inspired me to work hard and they have really empowered me to pursue becoming a counselor! 

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