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Computer Science MS

Sivareddy SakireddyStudent Name:  Sivareddy Sakireddy

Program: Master's in Computer Science

Graduated: 2012

Employer: Markit North America, Inc.

Position: Associate Developer, Data Analytics & Research

What attracted you to this field?

While information technology continues to advance at a phenomenal rate, we are still facing problems with database management. My long term goal is to create a technology that helps to increase performance by solving the problems associated with current database systems.

Why did you choose UT Tyler?

One of my friends graduated from UT Tyler. He told me about the university, professors in CS department and their research work, the cost of living in Tyler, etc. I really love this place now.

What do you like most about UT Tyler?

I appreciate the way International Graduate Student Admissions Department handled the different issues related to students. I would like to thank Dr. Sohraab Soltani who helped me unconditionally to complete my academic project, and thanks to Dr. Brown who helped me to increase my knowledge of databases. UT Tyler provided me a great platform to start my career as I expected.

What are your career aspirations?

I plan to be an expert in various database technologies; it will help me to find out the limitations in current technologies, and it will drive me in a direction towards my long term goal.

What is your work experience?

I have been working as a Database Developer since I graduated from UT Tyler. I am currently working on stock exchange data processing for our customers. Our customers include banks, hedge funds, asset managers, central banks, regulators, auditors, fund administrators and insurance companies.

Do you have any advice to pass along to other students interested in this program?

Work hard to achieve your goals. Thinking alone won't help you. Think, Plan, Do and Do. You will learn it and achieve it for sure.

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