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Graduate Student Alumni Spotlight

Electrical Engineering MS

Sumaiyya FatimaStudent Name:  Sumaiyya Fatima

Program: Master's in Electrical Engineering

Hometown: Hyderabad (India)

Graduated: 2014

Why did you choose to attend UT Tyler?

The institute provided the courses I was interested in. I learned about this university while surfing on the internet and then visited their official website to get more information about the university. I was really impressed with the faculty profile and the course curriculum. The curriculum was very similar to what I wanted to study.

After surfing the internet I came to know that UT Tyler has good professors, good teaching facilities, a beautiful environment, good academic achievements and so on. It is because the university shares the academic environment that encourages learning, promotes skill acquisition and reconciles the theoretical education with practical world that is why I chose UT Tyler.

What are your career goals and how does your graduate program support them?

My career goal is to associate myself with a professional, driven, well-respected organization by pursuing a challenging, responsible, dynamic and rewarding career and applying my academic knowledge, skills and enthusiasm. This will assist my career development and contribute effectively to the progress of the organization and the society as well.

My experience in the graduate program in UT Tyler not only prepared me for my career, it prepared me for life outside my career. I gained skills that cannot be taught. Through interaction with fellow students, professors, and other college staff, I learned a lot. I faced challenges that I never thought I would come across, and as a result I have become more confident. I am sure that what I have learned in UT Tyler through my experience in Masters will enable me meet my career goal.

What do you like most about UT Tyler?

The incredible, dedicated faculty who go out of their way to help students; the huge academic merit scholarships; and the vibrant student life on campus.

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