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Graduate Student Alumni Spotlight


Tami GlasscockStudent Name:  Tami Gaut Glasscock, MBA

Program: Master of Business Administration (I completed the online option while living in Tyler)

Graduated: May 2014

Employer: Miles Community College

Position: Director of Career and University Pathways

What attracted you to this field?

From a very young age, I remember playing school in my family’s garage - the brick wall was my chalk board and a lump of dried red-clay mud functioned as my chalk. I believe I was born to serve and facilitate the education of others.

Why did you choose to attend UT Tyler?

I am a second generation graduate of UT Tyler. My father earned an M.S. in Industrial Technology while the school still functioned as a two-year institution. I remember playing in the hallways as a small child and how the faculty and staff treated me while I waited for Dad’s class to end. When it came time to attend graduate school, there was no question in my mind that UT Tyler would be the right fit for myself and my family. The exciting part is that I was able to take a class with Dr. Paul Roberts - in his first years at UTT, he instructed my father!

What do you like most about UT Tyler?

The quality of education at UT Tyler is second-to-none. The faculty members are able to honestly and openly relate the subject matter to their own real-world experiences. Upon graduation, the students are fully prepared to step into a leadership role with minimal supervision and ample creativity and comprehension. In addition to being relatable, my instructors all took a personal interest in my educational goals and success. Many of which I am currently connected with on LinkedIn and am still able to look-up to as professional mentors. Because of my incredible experiences at UT Tyler, I was able to successfully encourage my sister to enroll in the program as well! She will be graduating in December 2015!

What are your career aspirations?

Currently, I hold the best job in the world - I get to help students realize and accomplish their dreams! It is so wonderful to see hope restored in a student that is confused or lost in his educational pathway. I will be enrolling in an Ed.D program in Fall 2016 with the plan to advance in my position in a way that will allow me to have more impact on my community and the student body as a whole. Many times, prospective students hesitate to follow their educational dreams because they have misconceptions about college. I want to be in a position to explain to this population that education is a wonderful thing and that they are not alone. My professors at UT Tyler made it abundantly clear that higher education is for anyone who wants to put the time and effort into learning!

What's your work experience?

While attending graduate school, I worked as a Medical Helicopter Dispatcher with an EMT Basic certification for ETMC EMS. After graduation, I jumped into the business world with both feet and opened a Farmers Insurance agency - it only took about 10 months for me to realize that my true passion is to help others achieve their goals. This led me to where I am today, the Director of Career and University Pathways at Miles Community College. In this role, I offer transfer and career advising “from cradle to grave.” Every day I have the honor of watching others grow and succeed!

Do you have any advice to pass along to other students interested in this program?

DO IT! Graduate school may seem intimidating but it is very rewarding! The difference between the actual education involved in an undergraduate degree and a graduate degree is incredible. Graduate school allows you to really zero-in on the subject you are studying and become a true master in your field. At UT Tyler, you are allowed the freedom to truly be yourself and think in a “guided” way vs. a strict guideline.

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