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UT Tyler Graduate Council

2019-20  Chair: Dr. Marsha Matthews, College of Arts and Sciences

2019-20 Membership:

Dr. Jessica Holm, College of Education & Psychology
Dr. Yanira Oliveras Ortiz, College of Education & Psychology
Dr. Mary Fischer, Soules College of Business  
Dr. Tammy Cowart, Soules College of Business 
Dr. William Sorensen, College of Nursing & Health Sciences
Dr. Jenifer Chilton, College of Nursing & Health Sciences
Dr. Muthukrishnan Sathyamoorthy, College of Engineering
Dr. Torey Nalbone, College of Engineering
Dr. Dewane Hughes, College of Arts & Sciences
Dr. Robert Sterken, College of Arts & Sciences
Dr. David Pearson, College of Pharmacy
Dr. Kathy Snella, College of Pharmacy
Open: Graduate Student
Open: Graduate Student
Dr.Venu Gopalakrishna-Remani, Faculty Senate Representative
Dr. Sam Carrell, Associate Registrar
Ms. Terra Gullings, Library Representative
Dr. William Geiger, Vice Provost and Dean of The Graduate School
Dr. Alecia Wolf, Assistant Dean of The Graduate School


The Graduate Council has the responsibility for reviewing and approving graduate course proposals and course changes initiated by department or other academic units. It also reviews and makes recommendations regarding new graduate program proposals and program modifications. It has the authority to make recommendations for modification of Graduate policies and procedures for student admission, continuation, graduation, Graduate Faculty credentialing, and similar issues forwarded by departments, colleges or other units.

The Graduate Council acts in an advisory capacity to the Dean of The Graduate School, providing consultation and information on issues relating to graduate policies and procedures.

A calendar of future meetings will be published and made available to all faculty at the beginning of each school year. The agenda for upcoming meetings will also be made available at least one week before the meeting. Minutes of all meetings must be kept and made available in a timely manner to the faculty at large.

Membership: Two members from each academic college with Graduate Faculty status, two graduate students, and the Dean of The Graduate School as ex officio, non-voting member. Ad hoc members may include the Director of the Library, a representative from the Admissions Office or other individuals as regarded as necessary by the Council.

The chair of the Graduate Council shall be elected by the membership and hold office for two years.

Faculty members from each college hold three-year staggered appointments. Each college will determine how its representatives are selected.

Student members are selected for one-year terms and in college alphabetical order so that each college has at least one representative within a period of 3 years. Selection is made by the dean of the college. (Year 1: Arts and Sciences and Business and Technology; Year 2: Education and Psychology and Engineering and Computer Science; Year 3: Nursing and Health Sciences and Arts and Sciences, etc.)

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