Graduate International Student Admissions


Everyone living in the US must file at least one tax form annually. The information here outlines key points about filing tax forms, but UT Tyler staff members are not tax experts. Therefore, students with further questions are advised to seek guidance from certified tax preparers.

Students who did not earn a US source of income in 2012:

Department of the Treasury

Internal Revenue Service Center

Austin, TX 73307-0215

The IRS Form 8843 is:

  • Not an income tax return.
  • An informational statement required by the US International Revenue Service for certain nonresidents.
  • Does not require a social security number to be completed. Students who do have social security numbers should include them on their forms.

Students who did earn a US source of income in 2012:

  • File an IRS income tax form and IRS Form 8843 by April 15, 2013.
  • Must determine their “Alien Tax Status” to ensure they file under the correct tax code – the Resident Tax Code or the Non-Resident Tax Code.

Professional Tax Preparation Services

  • Ensure that the service you use has experience with the Non-Resident Tax Code. Not all tax preparation services and software package are familiar with the Non-Resident Tax Code.
  • Students who use the wrong tax code and forms will be responsible for making amendments to tax forms and repaying any refund or paying fines.