The EX/L Project Program

Experiential Learning Opportunities

The goal of the EX/L Project Program is a simple one: Turn existing campus needs into valuable preparation for students’ careers by developing learning outcomes and then aligning those with on-campus project needs.

How do students benefit?

The EX/L Project Program allows them to gain practical experience while in graduate school. Students who complete the EX/L Program will gain valuable professional development with results that can be added to their résumé and/or portfolio. And best of all, after successful completion of the project, their supervisor will post a favorable recommendation to their LinkedIn account. As anyone who has been in the job market can tell you, a LinkedIn recommendation that can speak to specific skills is extremely valuable!

This program will be particularly beneficial for international students who may be restricted to on-campus opportunities. For many, it will provide much-needed interaction in a US work environment, and also help to improve communication skills and campus engagement.

Here's the Proof!

See how one student used the project he completed for Graduate Admissions in his portfolio  - this was the project he undertook. And he took it even further! Watch his video where he talks about the experience and how it helped him get a job after graduation.

Students: Please read the project descriptions below. If you are interested in one of the projects, please email and we will put you in contact with the sponsoring department. Each student and sponsoring department must sign the Statement Of Understanding and email a copy to before beginning the project.

Fall 2021 EX/L Projects (to date- keep watching this space for more opportunities)

Graduate Admissions Office