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The EX/L Project Program

Experiential Learning Opportunities

The goal of the EX/L Project Program is a simple one: Turn existing campus needs into valuable preparation for students’ careers by developing learning outcomes and then aligning those with on-campus project needs.

How do students benefit?

The EX/L Project Program allows them to gain practical experience while in graduate school. Students who complete the EX/L Program will gain valuable professional development with results that can be added to their résumé and/or portfolio. And best of all, after successful completion of the project, their supervisor will post a favorable recommendation to their LinkedIn account. As anyone who has been in the job market can tell you, a LinkedIn recommendation that can speak to specific skills is extremely valuable!

This program will be particularly beneficial for international students who may be restricted to on-campus opportunities. For many, it will provide much-needed interaction in a US work environment, and also help to improve communication skills and campus engagement.

Here's the Proof!

See how one student used the project he completed for Graduate Admissions in his portfolio  - this was the project he undertook. And he took it even further! Watch his video where he talks about the experience and how it helped him get a job after graduation. 

The program is currently only available to recipients of the New Graduate Fellowship.

Students: Please read the project descriptions below. If you are interested in one of the projects, please email GradSchool@uttyler.edu and we will put you in contact with the sponsoring department. Each student and sponsoring department must sign the Statement Of Understanding and email a copy to GradSchool@uttyler.edu before beginning the project.

 Fall 2019 EX/L Projects (more will be posted soon!)

Graduate Admissions Office

Institutional Analysis

Office of Human Resources 

Student Engagement

 Fall 2018 EX/L Projects

Office of Leadership & Service and Office of Government & Community Affairs

School of Nursing

Office of Digital Learning 

Student Money Management 

New Student and Family Programs

Student Engagement 

Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness 

Graduate Admissions 

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