UT Tyler

Graduate Programs

Degree Requirements

A total of 36 semester hours of graduate work is required. A student may transfer a maximum of six semester hours of graduate work in which a grade of "B" or better has been earned from approved institutions. All transfer work is subject to approval by the student's advisor. No more than six semester hours in independent study courses and six semester hours in travel/study courses may be applied to this degree.

OPTION I: Master of Arts Degree in History (With Thesis, Foreign Language - twelve credit hours, or demonstrated reading knowledge, of a single foreign language only for Option I students whose thesis topic focuses on a country where English is not the primary language.)

OPTION II: Master of Arts Degree in History (Without Thesis or Foreign Language)

  1. Reading seminars - one in each of the following areas 9 hours
    European History  - before 1715 or since 1715
    United States History -  to 1877 or since 1877
    World History - African History or Latin American History
  2. Research seminar 3 hours
    HIST 5310
  3. Historiography 3 hours
    HIST 5394
  4. Thesis (Option I only) 6 hours
    HIST 5395 and HIST 5396
  5. Other History Courses 15-21 hours
    Option I (15 hours)
    Option II (21 hours)
    TOTAL 36 hours
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