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Department of Health and Kinesiology

Graduate Student Researchers

Aubrey RifeAubrey Rife, a student in Health Sciences at UTTyler, is learning about Guatemalan children’s health and sickness perspectives through her qualitative study. Her research children are in 2nd and 3rd grade, and they drew pictures on paper depicting sickness and health, then they tried to explain the pictures. Aubrey has completed her Bachelors of Science in Health Sciences at UT Tyler and is nearly ready to graduate in the same field with her graduate degree.

Conner BensonConner Benson, a Kinesiology major at UT Tyler, has done research on Cancer Cachexia to find the relationship between mitochondrial dysfunction and muscle wasting in mice. His results show that mitochondrial dysfunction may lead to cachexic phenotype in LLC mice. He presented his research as a Student Poster Presenter at Texas ACSM, 2016-2017, and at the UT Tyler Liceum. Conner’s future goals are to extend his knowledge in this field by completing a Ph.D.

Jeffrey BangaJeffrey Banga, a former student at UT Tyler- having just graduated in December 2017 with a Masters in Health Sciences, worked on the prevalence of intestinal parasites in northeast Texas children. Jeffrey also has experience as a logistics and data manager. In addition, Jeffrey worked as an Emergency Medical Technician at Champion EMS, Longview. He is going into a Physician Assistant program in Florida.

Ashley BostonAshley Boston, pursuing a Masters in Kinesiology at UT Tyler, is doing interesting research on muscle atrophy and decreased brain profusion in patients with mild cognitive impairment.  It is an observational study that is exploring the relationship between physiological variables from an inactive lifestyle and the onset of mild cognitive impairment. Ashley plans to teach for a few years and eventually gain a Ph.D. in Kinesiology.

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