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Honors Contract Courses

Within your major, you will choose two courses—typically junior and/or senior level—in which you will complete additional work under "contract" with a faculty member. Contracts may include an additional project, additional readings, additional meetings with a faculty member, additional research time in the faculty member's lab, etc.

You will sign a contract at the beginning of the course with the faculty member specifying what you are "contracting" to do in addition to the normal requirements of the course. Your honors adviser will work with you and your major adviser to select the right courses and approve the contract.

Please complete the online contract course form. This form includes responsibilities of both students and faculty. It also serves as a FAQ.

Spring 2019 Contract Course Timeline

January 28: Contract course proposal form is due (see link above). The student will complete this form. *HIM psychology or HIM nursing students do not need to fill out a contract course proposal form.

March 11: Progress report on contract course is due. Honors staff will send faculty members this form to complete.

April 26: All projects should be turned in to the faculty member unless prior arrangements have been made.

April 29: Student evaluation form due.

May 6: Faculty evaluations forms due.

** Psychology and Nursing students complete contract courses through Honors in the Major.

**Students majoring in biology will follow this sequence for their junior year:

*Students will enter a trial semester where they will rotate between different labs to find a faculty member’s lab that interests them. Students must explore at least two different labs and will initiate contact with faculty

By the end of this semester, students and faculty member must enter into a research contract and turn it into the Biology Chair and Honors Program.

*Remainder of semesters: Pick a professor to work with, articulate a research problem in collaboration with that faculty member and do a literature review of      the problem. Deadline is to be determined with the participating faculty member.


Faculty Expectations

 Here is a short video outlining expectations for faculty role in contract courses:


Examples of Completed Contract Courses

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College of Engineering & Computer Science

College of Nursing & Health Sciences

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