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Housing Questions

How do I sign up for housing?

Once you are fully admited to the university, visit my.uttyler.edu > System Access > On Campus Housing and follow the on screen instructions. In less than 10 minutes you can have a reserved room and begin contacting your future roommates.

Is there a deadline?

There is not an official deadline for housing, but we tend to fill up fast. Completing your housing agreement early is the best way to be certain that you get the room type of your choice.

Why did I get a letter saying I’m assigned to University Pines?

The University of Texas at Tyler has a contractual obligation with Campus Living Villages USA (CLVUSA) that requires us to assign students to University Pines before we assign them to either Patriot Village, Ornelas Residence Hall, Liberty Landing or Victory Village. However, students may reject the assignment to University Pines, in which case we will assign them to their choice of Patriot Village, Ornelas Residence Hall, Liberty Landing or Victory Village.

Will my financial aid cover my housing fee?

Unless you sign a contract with University Pines, your rent will be added to your student account like any other charge from UT Tyler. This amount is charged per semester and is added approximately two weeks before classes begin. Your financial aid will then be applied to your account. You may set up a payment plan on your myUTTyler account if needed. If you have other questions about your financial aid, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 903.566.7180.

Are pets allowed?

Pets are allowed at Liberty Landing and Victory Village. Approval must be granted before the animal is permitted on campus. The request is available at your myUTTYler account.

When will I get my room assignment?

As long as space permits, you will be able to choose your room during the application process. Once we have limited spaces availble, you will be asked for your top preferences and we will  start emailing room assignments in mid-July for the fall semester. There will also be contact information for your roommates on the email. We will send the information to your Patriots email.

How do I pay for my room?

Your rent will be added to your student account. Housing fees are charged per semester. To view your account at any time, log on to myUTTyler.

How will roommates be assigned?

During your online housing agreement process, you will have the ability to select a roommate and complete a short survey for roommate matching.

Is there a guarantee I can room with my chosen roommate?

Roommates must be mutually requested. The earlier you apply, the easier it will be to accommodate roommate requests. If you have all your paperwork in, this does not secure your roommate a spot. Both of you need to have everything turned in to secure your bed space.

May I change my room or facility?

We will begin accepting room/facility change requests beginning the 12th class day in the Residence Life upon receipt of requests from all parties at housing@uttyler.edu. 

Is there bus service from UT Tyler to the rest of Tyler?

The Tyler Transit System operates a bus system throughout Tyler. There is a bus stop across from the main entrance of UT Tyler on Varsity Drive. For more information on Tyler Transit please call 903.533.8057.

When can I have visitors in my room?

Ornelas Hall has limited visitation hours. Males/Females may be in rooms of the opposite sex Sunday - Friday 10 am - 12 am and Friday and Saturday 10 am - 2 am. The RAs will do nightly rounds and will be listening to make sure the resident's follow the Visitation Policy..

Patriot Village, Liberty Landing, and Victory Village have 24-hour visitation. Twenty-four hour visitation is a privilege that can be revoked if the university finds residents abusing it. Cohabitation, noise, roommate complaints, parties, etc., can lead to the suspension of this privilege and the installation of more restrictive visitation hours.

Do I have to move my stuff out for winter break?

Residents do not have to move all of their belongings out for winter break. If a resident needs to stay for a school function or a job, they must provide proof to the head RA of their facility and they will be able to stay through the break.

We will have reduced staffing available over the break. We encourage students to go home for winter break and to come back rejuvenated for the spring semester. The last resident to leave for the break from each room is required to check out with their RA. There will not be mail service over the break. All mail is held at the university's central receiving until the first day of class for the spring.

What furniture is included?

All of the university housing is considered fully furnished.

Patriot Village:

Single bed/extra-long mattress, desk with chair, dresser, couch and coffee table

Ornelas Hall:

Triple: Couch, chair, side table, two ottomans, single bed/extra long mattress, night stand, dresser, bookshelf and desk with chair.

Double: Two beds/extra long mattress, two night stands, two dressers, two bookshelves and two desks with chairs.

Liberty Landing

Full-sized mattress, desk with chair, dresser, couch, and coffee table. Apartments come either with barstools or kitchen tables and chairs.

Victory Village

Victory Village comes with a full-sized mattress, desk with chair, dresser, couch, coffee table, and kitchen table and chairs.

Am I allowed to bring my own furniture?

All communities are fully furnished. You may bring additional furniture, but the university furniture must not leave the room.

What appliances are included?

Ornelas Hall: None.

Patriot Village: Refrigerator/freezer (with ice maker), an electric oven with range top, a microwave, a dishwasher and garbage disposal.

Liberty Landing: Washer and Dryer. Refrigerator/freezer (with ice maker), an electric oven with range top, a microwave, a dishwasher and garbage disposal.

Victory Village: Washer and Dryer. Refrigerator/freezer (with ice maker), an electric oven with range top, a microwave, a dishwasher and garbage disposal.

What is my mailing address?

All mail for the university comes through the central receiving department. Your address will be:

Your Name
3900 University Blvd.
Ornelas Hall or Patriot Village – room# and letter
Tyler, TX 75799

Your Name
3088 Old Omen Road
Eagle's Landing – room# and letter
Tyler, TX 75701

Is there parking available if you live on campus? Where is it located?

Ornelas Hall residents can park in parking lot 15, 17 or 18. Patriot Village is a gated community. Residents are allowed to park in the lot around the complex. You must have a UT Tyler parking sticker. You can pay for the parking sticker on your myUTTyler account and then you can pick up your parking sticker at the police station.

How many hours do I need to take to live on campus?

You must take at least nine for undergrad and six for graduate.

Will I be charged if I decide to leave mid-semester or in December?

If you are living on campus you signed an academic year contact (August to May). Cancellation charges are specified in the terms and conditions. If you are graduating, you will not be charged the cancellation fee.

Do I need a meal plan?

All residents of who live on campus must purchase a meal plan. The meal plan will be billed directly to your student account.

Can I change my meal plan?

You can change your meal up to the 12th class day. After the 12th class day, you will not be able to change your meal plan.

What do I do if I have a light out or other maintenance issue?

You can fill out a work order at the front desk in Ornelas Hall or clubhouse at Patriot Village and they will fix it for you.

How do I connect to the Residence Life Internet service?

You will need to create a login with our service provider. Instructions are found on this login information sheet.


What should I bring with me?

Patriot Village, Liberty Landing, and Victory Village:


Toilet paper


Kitchen supplies


Cleaning supplies

Shower curtain

Alarm clock

Pots and pans



Kitchen Table

Trash can and trash bags

Ethernet cord

Ornelas Hall:


Toilet paper


Mini Fridge(max 6 cubic ft.)


Cleaning supplies

Shower curtain

Alarm clock

Microwave(max 800 watts)




Trash can and trash bags

Ethernet cord

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