Criminal Background Checks

Office of Human Resources

The University of Texas at Tyler has an obligation to provide a safe environment for all members of the UT Tyler community and to protect the property of UT Tyler. For these reasons, all job applicants must provide and certify their complete adult criminal conviction record. This includes any convictions and/or deferred adjudications where the final disposition is still pending (i.e. the original charge has not been dismissed) from the age of 17 until now.

Before an applicant is referred for a specific job vacancy, the recency, severity and direct job relevancy of his or her conviction(s) are compared to the functions of the vacant position. Based on that review, an applicant may not be referred, or hired. However, a criminal conviction DOES NOT necessarily disqualify an individual from being hired.

Conviction verification will be conducted on the applicant selected to fill the position post-offer/pre-employment. If the verification results show that false statements, including omission(s), were made by the applicant on his or her adult criminal conviction record, then his or her application for employment, as well as any actions based on it, will be voided and the person will not be eligible for future employment with The University of Texas at Tyler. Any misstatement, falsification or omission of information shall be grounds for refusal to hire or, if hired, termination.

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