UT Tyler Department of Kinesiology

Louise Herrington Patriot Center

Louise Herrington Patriot Center

The UT Tyler Department of Kinesiology is housed in the Jean Lancaster Academic Wing of the Louise Herrington Patriot Center (HPC), a 127,312-square-foot academic and recreational facility. The HPC was named in honor of the family of Louise H. Ornelas, a generous donor and supporter of UT Tyler. Their gift of $6.4 million made the construction of the HPC possible. The Jean Lancaster Academic Wing was named in honor of Louise Ornelas’ sister.

This wing is designed to facilitate student-faculty interactions, support students’ research interests and provide a quality, team-based learning environment.

Facilities within the Jean Lancaster Academic Wing include the following:

State-of-the-Art Classrooms

The Department of Kinesiology holds a variety of classrooms, ranging from a considerable main lecture hall with 75 seats to an intimately-sized graduate seminar room with 12-14 seats. All the rooms are equipped with the latest technology to ensure that students receive the best learning experience. Our faculty utilize this technology in many ways, from PowerPoints lectures to interactive television.

Computer Laboratory

The Department of Kinesiology's computer laboratory consists of an instructor's station and 18 computers, each with a networked laser printer. The computers are pre-installed with all the necessary software and give kinesiology students easy access to Canvas, their student email, the library and other internet resources.

Biomechanics Laboratory

The Biomechanics Laboratory is designed to facilitate projects involving exercise and athletics. Students will develop research projects by collaborating with health and kinesiology faculty and clinicians. Educational programs focus on using biomechanical principles in exercise prescription, injury rehabilitation, athletic performance and physical education.


  • Kistler Force Plate
  • Biopac EMG Acquisition System
  • Peak Motus 8 2D Motion Capture System
  • DartFish
  • LabVIEW


  • Electromyography (EMG)
  • Kinetics: Force Analysis
  • Kinematics: Motion Analysis
  • Sport Performance


  • Kinematic and Kinetic Analyses of Golf, Baseball, Tennis and Softball Swings
  • Kinematic and Kinetic Analyses of Basketball Shooting, Soccer Kicking, and Gymnastics
  • Muscle synergy and firing rates during sporting activities using EMG
  • Gait/Motion Analysis related to rehabilitation and sport performance

Motor Learning/Control Laboratory

The Motor Learning/Control Laboratory provides hands-on educational experiences related to athletic training, sport performance and physical education. Additionally, the laboratory is equipped with technology to facilitate students’ and faculty’s research interests.


  • State-of-the-art Computer Systems
  • E-Prime Programming Software
  • Custom Response Boxes
  • Auto Scoring Mirror Tracer
  • Grooved Pegboard Test
  • Wii Gaming System/Wii Fit Board
  • Minnesota Manual Dexterity Test
  • Roeder Manipulative Aptitude Test
  • Two Arm Coordination Test
  • Photoelectric Rotary Pursuit


  • Balance Testing
  • Dual Task Motor Performance
  • Dexterity Testing
  • Reaction Time
  • Practice Schedules and Skill Acquisition
  • Transfer of Skill using the Wii


  • The effects of exercise and age on balance
  • Using the Wii Fit to investigate balance training and rehabilitation
  • Investigating the effects of nicotine on the information processing system
  • The effects of cell phone use and text messaging on motor performance
  • The role of the Wii on transfer of skill in physical education