Leadership Institute

UT Tyler Soules College of Business


The Leadership Institute serves as the focal point of leadership education, research and outreach within the Soules College of Business, across the university and in the community. Addressing all aspects of leadership, the Leadership Institute will include critical thinking, team building, and ethics as well as both the fundamentals and advanced topics in leadership. 

Academic Components

  • Leadership Certificate
    Nine-hour certificate incorporates courses in critical thinking, ethics and leadership from a variety of disciplines across the university.

  • Leadership Minor
    An additional two courses are offered in the Soules College of Business to provide the opportunity for a minor in leadership. These courses are in team building and advanced leadership studies including the Team of Teams concept.

Programs for 2016 - 2017

  • Leadership Training for Department Chairs and Associate/Assistant Deans
    The institute offers leadership training and development programs for UT Tyler department chairs and associate deans who seek to identify and grow the next generation of university leaders.
  • Women in Leadership
    The institute offers opportunities for female UT Tyler faculty, staff and students to attend workshops focusing on women in leadership by bringing guest speakers to campus.

  • Patriot Athletics Leadership Academy
    The institute provides leadership training and development to the UT Tyler Athletics Department through the Patriot Athletics Leadership Academy (PALA). The institute offers multilevel programs to student-athletes, coaches, administrators and staff of the Athletics Department through their participation in PALA.

  • Leadership Speaker Series

    The institute connects to the community through practitioner workshops providing leadership training, and by bringing leadership experts to campus and the community through the Soules College of Business Leadership Speaker Series. Students enrolled in the Leadership Certificate Program and/or leadership minor are also involved in the Leadership Speaker Series.