English Graduate Program

Department of Literature and Languages

Master of Arts in English

The master of arts degree in English at UT Tyler provides exciting opportunities for study in the fields of literature, writing and rhetoric. The program is designed to graduate students who have mastered advanced skills in critical thinking, textual interpretation, rigorous researching and analytical writing.

Students develop a deepened understanding of literature's cultural intellectual legacy and the ability to write well and with discernment. They gain the skills needed to effectively acquire knowledge and to communicate ideas in preparation for employment or doctoral study.

Master of Arts in English - Total Credit Hours = 36

English MA Marketable Skills

18-Hour Milestone in College English Studies

The Milestone in College English Studies consists of 18-hours (6 courses) all of which count toward the hours needed to complete a Master of Arts in English at UT Tyler. Course emphasis is on composition, literature, and research and theoretical frameworks for teaching college level English.

Note: Students pursing the Milestone in College English Studies must be concurrently admitted to the Master of Arts program in English or another master’s program at The University of Texas at Tyler. Students must complete a Milestone Permission Form and maintain a cumulative 3.5 GPA for Milestone courses.

Recognition of Completion

Recognition of the completion of the Milestone will be on the transcript in the form below -