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The college advisor/recruiter initially interviews and advises all new students, including transfers. After that initial meeting each student will be assigned a permanent advisor from the ME department. At a minimum, students must visit their advisor before enrolling in courses for the following semester. Students are encouraged to visit with their advisor as often as they need. Advisors can provide advice and guidance in all matters affecting academic performance. Advisors are also very willing to provide career counseling.

Advising Procedure for Course Enrollment

Each currently enrolled ME major must be advised for the following semester or summer term by a mechanical engineering faculty advisor during a period set aside each semester for this purpose. Notices of the advising period will be announced through emails to students and announcements posted on bulletin boards in the Engineering Building. Students are encouraged to review the following before meeting with their advisor.

Each student should:

  • Obtain a copy of the Registration Advising Form (RAF) from the department office. Make a preliminary list of the courses to take after checking to see if the appropriate prerequisite courses have been (or will have been) completed, the courses are available and there are no time conflicts.

  • Meet with the advisor during the enrollment period to get the RAF approved. Students are encouraged to make appointments at least 24 hours in advance by using the signup sheet posted on the advisor's office door

Advisors will review the course list and approve it or suggest changes as appropriate. Both the student and advisor will sign the form. The original copy of the RAF will be kept in the student's permanent file in the ME Academic Program Office. Advisors will also review and update the degree plan form. You are strongly advised to get a copy of the ME degree plan and keep it updated at the end of each semester after the grades are posted.

Student Responsibility

The student, not the advisor, is responsible for meeting UT Tyler's graduation requirements. If a student does not meet the graduation requirements, he or she will not graduate, regardless of the advice received. It is the student's responsibility to know the degree requirements and to be actively involved in developing a plan of study to meet these requirements. Faculty advisors are always available to answer your questions about the curriculum and the degree plan and help you understand the graduation requirements.

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