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Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering - Degree Requirements

There are three options to earning the master of science mechanical engineering (MSME) degree:

  1. Thesis option. This degree option is intended primarily for students who wish to conduct research and expand mechanical engineering knowledge. A thesis is required. (This is the only degree option for which graduate assistantships are available.)
  2. Non-thesis option. This degree option is intended primarily for the professional working engineer who wants advanced technical courses but would benefit more from completing an advanced engineering design project than a research thesis.
  3. Professional development option. This degree option is intended primarily for students who want to take only advanced level technical courses. A comprehensive exam is required.

Regardless of the option selected, a student must complete a graduate course in advanced mathematics (MATH 5311). At least 18 hours (including the thesis or report) must be in the major area; at least six hours must be in a supporting area and can include courses outside the department.

The supporting courses may be in mechanical engineering but must represent a specialty distinct from the major courses. At least two-thirds of the credit hours applied to the degree must be taught by a department in the College of Engineering and Computer Science.

To graduate, students must earn at least a 3.0 grade point average on all course work used for the graduate degree. They must also complete a core curriculum consisting of MENG 5306, MENG 5343 or MENG5338 or MENG 5341, and MENG 5344.

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