UT Tyler Department of Mechanical Engineering


Dr. Nael Barakat:

Mechatronics, Energy Harvesting, Robotics and Automation, Control Systems and System Integration, Engineering Leadership, Ethics, and Professionalism

Dr. Mohammad Biswas:

Process & system dynamics and control,  fuel cell systems, Machine Learning-based Modeling

Dr. Fredericka Brown:

Multiscale Modeling and Simulation; Computational Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer; Energy Transport, Conversion and Storage; Sustainable Energy; Thermal Management; Transport Phenomena in Biological Systems; Engineering Education

Dr. Shih-Feng Chou:

Functional Biomaterials, Materials Characterizations, Drug Release, Tissue Engineering, Wound Healing, Anticoagulation.

Dr. Nelson Fumo:

Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation in Buildings, Building Energy Modeling, Residential HVAC Systems, and Engineering Education.

Dr. Andres Garcia:

Material science and applications multi-physics modeling as well as CAD/CAM systems and DoE applications.

Dr. Chung-Hyun Goh:

Medical Device Design, Kinematics and Control Systems, Computer-Aided Integrated Design and Manufacturing, Artificial Intelligence-based Modeling and Simulation, Advanced Finite Element Analysis, Crystal Plasticity

Mr. Tyler Hall:

Computational Fluid Dynamics & Computational Heat Transfer of high speed reacting flows. Numerical grid generation for unstructured and adaptive grids.

Dr. Wathiq Ibrahim:

Mechatronics, Energy Harvesting for Biomedical Applications, Vibration Energy Harvesting, Linear and Nonlinear Dynamics, Designing and Modeling MEMS Sensors and Actuators.

Dr. Tahsin Khajah:

Numerical analysis of wave propagation, shape optimization, Finite Element Method, Isogeometric Analysis, Scaled Boundary Finite Elements, Image-based analysis, Evolutionary optimization, Absorbing Boundary Conditions.

Dr. Hussain Rizvi:

Polymer composites, Biomaterials, Materials Characterization, Bioinspired architectures, Bio-products. 

Dr. M. Sathyamoorthy:

General Areas of Solid Mechanics; Nonlinear Analysis of Beams, Plates and Shells; Composite and Stiffened Structures; Aircraft Structures; Mechanisms; Thermal Stresses; Finite Element Methods; Experimental Investigations; Vulnerability Analysis. 

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