Engineering Computer Laboratory


To support the computational needs of the department, the college maintains a common computer laboratory on both the Tyler main campus and at the Houston Engineering Center. 

The Tyler computer lab (RBN 2022) includes the following hardware and software:

  • 32 Thin clients with 20” (diagonal measurement) monitors for access to the students’ virtual desktops and suit of engineering software.
  • Networked HP Color laser jet 5550dn printer.
  • Networked HP Laser jet 4250dn printer.
  • ATI 2400 Professional video controller.

The Houston computer lab (HEC B215) includes the following hardware and software:

  • 28 stand-alone state of the art computers with Ethernet velocity of 1 GB with port security, headphone, DVI and USB connections running Windows 10
  • Networked HP5100 Monochrome Printer
  • Canon plotter iPF770 (Image ProGRAF)

Licensed software available in both labs include:

  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel & Powerpoint)
  • Mathcad Prime 
  • Matlab
  • Solid Edge
  • Microsoft Visual Basic and C++
  • P-Spice
  • Labview
  • SAP 2000
  • Mathematica

Mechanical engineering students make extensive use of modern computational tools, such as Solid Edge, AutoCAD and Pro/Engineer for CAD, ALGOR and Ansys for Finite Element Analysis, Mathcad and Matlab/Simulink for computational analysis, C++ and Matlab for programming and Microsoft Excel for data analysis.