Engineering Fabrication Laboratory and Machine Shop


To support student projects and faculty research in mechanical engineering and electrical engineering, the college has a fabrication laboratory and machine shop in RBN 1020 and RBN 1025 occupying 3,000 square feet total.

The Machine Shop includes the following equipment:

  • Atrump vertical mill and Atrump engine lathe
  • Smithy 10x34 CNC Mill (Smithy)
  • Wilton drill press
  • Table saw, chop saw, horizontal band saw, and contour band saw
  • Desktop CNC Lathe (ProLight 3000)
  • Desktop CNC Mill (MaxNC)
  • Grinders, buffers and disk and belt sander
  • Tool sharpening grinder
  • Sheet metal shear and brake
  • Cyclone bead blasting system
  • Enerpac hydraulic press
  • Hydraulic tubing and pipe bender
  • Folding floor crane with a capacity of one metric ton
  • Parts washer
  • 2 ton powered overhead hoist

A welding cell is housed in the Machine Shop with the following equipment:

  • MIG welder
  • Combined TIG and stick welder
  • Plasma cutter portable
  • CNC Plasma cutter with cylinder capabilities (48”x96”)
  • Heat treatment furnace
  • Surface grinder
  • Oxyacetylene cutting and welding torch
  • Downdraft welding platen
  • Melting furnace (3000°C)

The Fabrication Lab includes the following equipment:

  • Raise 3D Printer Pro-2 (12”x12”x24”) 2 units• Qidi 3D Printer (10”10”x10”) 4 units
  • BOB-CAD CAD/CAM Software
  • Rapid Prototyping System (JP System 5)
  • Injection and Blow Molding Machine (Amatrol)
  • Vacuum Forming Machine (Formech)
  • Laboratory Press with Heated Platens (Carver)
  • Robotics Five-Axis Robot with Servo Gripper (CRS)
  • Photolithography Printed Circuit Board Fabrication Kit (Datek)
  • Full Spectrum Laser cutting System (48”x36”)
  • 5 Drawer rolling tool cabinet equipped with power and hand tools.

Mr. Edward Farina is the staff member responsible for the Fabrication Laboratory and Machine Shop.