John J. Bailey Thermal-Fluids Laboratory


The John J. Bailey  Thermal-Fluids laboratory is used to support MENG 3211, Mechanical Engineering Laboratory II, taught Spring Semester of the junior year. In MENG 3211, students are exposed to basic thermal/fluid science laboratory procedures and practices by conducting experiments and demonstrations with the following equipment:

  • Hydraulics bench with flow meter demonstration rig
  • Apparatus that demonstrate pipe work energy losses, flow through an orifice, pipe friction and impact of a jet
  • Low-speed wind tunnel with a 4-inch by 4-inch test section
  • Hot wire anemometers
  • Six-Pass Heat Exchanger Demonstrator
  • Refrigeration Systems Trainer
  • Gravity Oven (VWR Scientific)
  • Flow Stand for air flows between 16 and 250 CFM

  • Apparatus for hydronic system training 

The equipment described above is portable and can be wheeled out of the way to minimize crowding in the laboratory.

Instrumentation such as data acquisition systems, pressure gages, manometers and electronic pressure sensors, thermometers, thermocouples and thermistors are available for use when students conduct self-directed laboratory experiments. The laboratory resources are available for students to realize thermal/fluid design projects as well.

Dr. Nelson Fumo is the faculty member responsible for the Thermal-Fluid Laboratory.