UT Tyler Department of Mechanical Engineering

Faculty and Staff


Dr. Nael Barakat
Chair, and Professor
Office: RBN 3002
Phone: 903.566.7003
E-mail: nbarakat@uttyler.edu

Bailey Boughton Wilson, MBA
Student Success Coordinator
Office: RBN 3001
Phone: 903.566.7003
E-mail: bboughton@uttyler.edu

Aws Al-Shalash, MSE
Office: HEC A211
E-mail: aalshalash@uttyler.edu

Ola Al-Shalash, MSME
Office: HEC A212
E-mail: oalshalash@uttyler.edu

Dr. Ohood Alsmairat
Visiting Assistant Professor
Office: RBN 2013
E-mail: oalsmairat@uttyler.edu

Dr. Mohammad Biswas
Associate Professor
Office: HEC A214
Phone: 903.565.6115
E-mail: mbiswas@uttyler.edu

Dr. Fredericka Brown
Office: RBN 3004
Phone: 903.565.5828
E-mail: fbrown@uttyler.edu

Dr. Shih-Feng Chou
Assistant Professor
Office: RBN 3005
Phone: 903.566.6209
E-mail: schou@uttyler.edu

Dr. Nelson Fumo
Associate Professor
Office: RBN 3009
Phone: 903.565.5588
E-mail: nfumo@uttyler.edu

Dr. Andres Garcia
Lecturer and Director of HEC
Office: HEC A201
Phone: 903.566.6207
E-mail: agarcia@uttyler.edu

Dr. Chung-Hyun Goh
Associate Professor
Office: RBN 3007
Phone: 903.566.6125
E-mail: cgoh@uttyler.edu

Dr. Alwathiqbellah Ibrahim
Assistant Professor
Office: RBN 3008
Phone: 903.566.7362
E-mail: aibrahim@uttyler.edu

Dr. Tahsin Khajah
Associate Professor and Graduate Coordinator
Office: RBN 3010
Phone: 903.566.7245
E-mail: tkhajah@uttyler.edu

Dr. Soren Maloney
Office: HEC A206
E-mail: smaloney@uttyler.edu

Dr. Hussain Rizvi
Office: HEC A220
E-mail: hrizvi@uttyler.edu

Dr. Muath Salim
Assistant Professor of Instruction 
Office: RBN 3011
E-mail: msalim@uttyler.edu

Dr. Muthukrishnan Sathyamoorthy
Phone: 903.565.5939
Office: RBN 3006
E-mail: msathyamoorthy@uttyler.edu