Future Students

UT Tyler Department of Mechanical Engineering

Students transferring to UT Tyler after completing a pre-engineering associate degree program at a junior or community college may be able to complete their BSME degrees in two more years.
UT Tyler does not have any age limit on transferring courses from other institutions, so we will transfer courses with a minimum of "C" grade.

Transfer of courses will be based on the contents of the course, level and rigor. The student is responsible for obtaining of complete course syllabus and any relevant information relating to the course, and a copy of the unofficial transcript to the department.

Solid modeling is required as part of the graphics course to receive credit for MENG1201-Mechanical Engineering I and MATLAB is required as part of the structured programming course to obtain credit for MENG2201-Mechanical Engineering II.

Students should have completed 12 credits of calculus through multivariate and differential equations; introductory chemistry with lab; eight credits of university physics; a statics course equivalent to UT Tyler ENGR 2301; a dynamics course equivalent to ENGR 2302; and a linear circuits course equivalent to EENG 3304.

The recommended courses to prepare for transfer to UT Tyler after completing your pre-engineering associate degree. Contact our college engineering advisor for academic advising prior to starting your studies at UT Tyler.

In fall 2013, the College of Engineering established The University of Texas at Tyler Houston Engineering Center (HEC) at 2811 Hayes Road, Houston TX. The center provides a significant education and research presence in Houston through which students earn baccalaureate level engineering degrees with UT Tyler.

Students who have earned the Texas Associate of Science in Engineering Science (ASES) degree from an ASAC/ABET accredited program at a participating community college, with an overall GPA of at least 2.50/4.00 and with no grade lower than "C", are eligible to pursue the Mechanical Engineering Completion Program to earn a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering.

Students who are awarded ASES degree with "D" grades will be required to repeat those courses at UT Tyler and earn at least a "C" grade in those courses. Students will be treated as a transfer student with evaluation of completed courses on a course by course basis. This pathway enables a student to begin their engineering degree program at a participating community college and complete the degree at UT Tyler.

ME Department policies and procedures will apply to all students seeking transfer credits.